International Journal on Document
Analysis and Recognition

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The International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition is focused in publishing articles dedicated to document analysis and recognition. This includes contributions dealing with computer recognition of characters, symbols, text, lines, graphics, images, handwriting, signatures, as well as automatic analyses of the overall physical and logical structures of documents, with the ultimate objective of a high-level understanding of their semantic content.

The journal publishes articles of four primary types - original research papers, correspondence, overviews and summaries, and system descriptions. Special issues on active areas of research will be encouraged.

Possible topics include:

  • Document Image Processing
  • Document Models
  • Handwriting Models and Analysis
  • Character and Word Recognition
  • Symbol Recognition
  • On-line Recognition
  • Pen-based Computing
  • Multi-lingual Processing
  • Physical and Logical Page Analysis
  • Raster-to-Vector Conversion
  • Graphics Recognition
  • Map and Line Drawing Understanding
  • Interpretation of Engineering Drawings
  • Storage and Retrieval of Documents
  • Text Analysis and Processing
  • Natural Language Issues
  • Information Extraction and Filtering
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Document Authentication and Validation
  • Implementations, Applications and Systems
  • Processing Text in other Contexts
  • Multimedia and Hypermedia Analysis
  • Time-Varying Documents
  • Distributed Document Collections (Digital Libraries)
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