Young Biometrics Investigator

The Young Biometrics Investigator award honors a scholar under the age of 40 who has made substantial contributions to the IAPR Biometrics community and whose research has had a major impact in biometrics.

Call for Nominations

2023 IAPR Young Biometrics Investigator Award (YBIA)

Biometrics recognition is of major interest to the Pattern Recognition research community. Biometric systems are no longer limited to law enforcement and forensics. They are present in virtually all the smartphones, and are appearing in payment processing, immigration checkpoints, national ID programs to name a few applications.  IAPR Technical Committee 4 on Biometrics (TC4) either organizes or supports a number of conferences or workshops on biometrics.

The 2012 edition of the TC4 flagship event, the International Conference on Biometrics (ICB) in New Delhi, India, facilitated the establishment of the “IAPR Young Biometrics Investigator Award” (YBIA) with an endowment fund. The objectives and criteria of this award are similar to the prestigious IAPR JK Aggarwal award, except that it will be given to outstanding scientists in the biometrics field. The award will be given out in odd years. The recipient of the award will be announced at ICB or IJCB (International Joint Conference on Biometrics) where the winner will be asked to deliver a plenary talk.

The award recipient will be recommended by a special selection committee, appointed by TC4, and composed of at least three active members of TC4. One of the committee members will be the most recent past recipient of the award. The committee’s recommendation will be submitted for approval to the IAPR President. The selection committee reserves the right to decline selecting a winner, if such a decision is warranted based on the applications pool.   

Selection criteria

The recipient of the 2023 YBIA must be under the age of 40 as of 30th June 2023, who has made substantial contributions to the IAPR Biometrics community and whose research has had a major impact in biometrics. The prize consists of a cash amount and a suitably inscribed certificate. The recipient of the 2023 award will deliver a plenary talk at IJCB 2023 (

Nomination procedure

Each candidate must be supported by a Nominator and at least three, and no more than five, Endorsers supporting the nomination. The completed Nomination and Endorsement Forms must reach the Chair of the YBIA Committee, Prof. Stephanie Schuckers (, no later than 20th August 2023. A copy of the forms must be sent to TC4 Advisor, Prof. Arun Ross ( also. The forms are attached here.


YBIA Endorsement Form

YBIA Nomination Form

2021 Award Winner in Shenzhen, China

Vishal Patel

2019 Award Winner in Crete, Greece

Zhen Lei

2017 Award Winner in Denver, Colorado, USA

Julian Fierrez

2015 Award Winner in Phuket, Thailand

Gang Hua

2013 Award Winner in Madrid, Spain

Arun Ross