Technical Committees

Areas of pattern recognition currently represented by technical committees are: Statistical Pattern Recognition, Structural and Syntactic Pattern Recognition, Neural Networks and Computational Intelligence, Biometrics, Computational Forensics, Remote Sensing and Mapping, Machine Vision Applications, Graphics Recognition, Reading Systems, Multimedia and Visual Information Systems, Pattern Recognition in Astronomy and Astrophysics, Signal Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Graph Based Representations, Algebraic and Discrete Mathematical Techniques, Discrete Geometry, Cultural Heritage Applications, Bioinformatics.

ExCo Initiative on Technical Committee Activities: Summer Schools

01 - Statistical Pattern Recognition Techniques

02 - Structural and Syntactical Pattern Recognition

03 - Neural Networks and Computational Intelligence

04 - Biometrics

05 - Computer Vision for Underwater Environmental Monitoring

06 - Computational Forensics

07 - Remote Sensing and Mapping

09 - Pattern Recognition in Human Machine Interaction

10 - Graphics Recognition

11 - Reading Systems

12 - Multimedia and Visual Information Systems

15 - Graph Based Representations

16 - Algebraic and Discrete Mathematical Techniques in Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis

18 - Discrete Geometry and Mathematical Morphology

19 - Computer Vision for Cultural Heritage Applications

20 - Pattern Recognition for Bioinformatics and Digital Health