History of IAPR

IAPR came into official existence in January 1978. Following the Second International Conference on Pattern Recognition in 1974 in Copenhagen, the Standing Committee approved the proposal to establish a permanent international professional organization; two years later, the Constitution was approved in Coronado and Executive Officers were elected.

Today, the responsibility for the day-to-day running of IAPR is delegated to an Executive Committee, assisted by Standing and ad hoc committees. The authority of the Association is vested in the Governing Board, composed of representatives of the member organizations, who decide all important matters such as general policy, the program of activities, admissions, elections, and budget.

Detailed History of IAPR (pdf)

Foundation of IAPR

During the 2nd IJCPR (Int. Joint Conf. on Pattern Recognition), the Standing Committee approved the proposal of establishing a permanent international professional organization for pattern recognition. After one year of preparation, IAPR was formally founded during the 3rd IJCPR in Coronado, USA (1976). The IAPR Constitution was approved by the Standing Committee and ExCo officers were elected. Three committees (Publication, Conference and Membership) were organized. A special committee drafted the Bylaws which were approved by the Standing Committee in early 1977. The 4th IJCPR was the first IAPR sponsored conference.


YearNameLocationGeneral Chairs
19731st IJCPRWashington D.C., USAK.S. Fu
19742nd IJCPRCopenhagen, DenmarkC.J.D.M. Verhagen
19763rd IJCPRCoronado, USAA. Rosenfeld
19784th IJCPRKyoto, JapanM. Nagao
19805th ICPRMiami, USAT. Pavlidis
19826th ICPRMunich, GermanyH. Marko
19847th ICPRMontreal, CanadaM.D. Levine
19868th ICPRParis, FranceJ.-C. Simon
19889th ICPRRome, ItalyS. Levialdi
199010th ICPRAtlantic City, USAH. Freeman
199211th ICPRThe Hague, The NetherlandsE.S. Gelsema & E. Backer
199412th ICPRJerusalem, IsraelS. Peleg & S. Ullman
199613th ICPRVienna, AustriaW.G. Kropatsch
199814th ICPRBrisbane, AustraliaT. Caelli & A. Maeder
200015th ICPRBarcelona, SpainA. Sanfeliu & J.J. Villanueva
200216th ICPRQuebec City CanadaC.Y. Suen
200417th ICPRCambridge, UKJ. Kittler
200618th ICPRHong KongYuan Yan Tang
200819th ICPRTampa, USAR. Kasturi
201020th ICPRIstanbul, TurkeyAytul Ercil
201221th ICPRTsukuba Science City, JapanJ.-O. Eklundh & Y. Ohta & S. Tanimoto
201422nd ICPRStockholm, SwedenMagnus Borga
201623rd ICPRCancun, MexicoEduardo Bayro-Corrochano
201824th ICPRBeijing, ChinaTieniu Tan & Josef Kittler & Anil Jain
202025th ICPRMilan, ItalyRita Cucchiara & Alberto Del Bimbo & Stan Sclaroff
202226th ICPRMontreal, Quebec, CanadaHenrik Christensen & Michael Jenkin & Cheng-Lin Liu
202427th ICPRKolkata, IndiaUmapada Pal & Josef Kittler & Anil Jain
202628th ICPRLyon, FranceJean-Marc Ogier & Tin Kam Ho & Cheng-Lin Liu

IAPR Presidents

1976-1978  King Sun Fu
1978-1980Herbert Freeman
1980-1982Azriel Rosenfeld
1982-1984Jean Claude Simon
1984-1986Toshiyuki Sakai
1986-1988Pierre A. Devijver
1988-1990Martin D. Levine
1990-1992Michael J.B. Duff
1992-1994J.K. Aggarwal
1994-1996Josef Kittler
1996-1998Robert M. Haralick
1998-Mar 2000Edzard Gelsema
Mar-Sept 2000Horst Bunke
2000-2002Gabriella Sanniti di Baja
2002-2004Rangachar Kasturi
2004-2006Walter Kropatsch
2006-2008Karl Tombre
2008-2010Brian Lovell
2010-2012Denis Laurendeau
2012-2014Kim L. Boyer
2014-2016Ingela Nystrom
2016-2018Simone Marinai
2018-2020Apostolos Antonacopoulos
2020-2022Daniel Lopresti
2022-2024Arjan Kuijper