Governing Board

The IAPR Governing Board consists of the representatives of the IAPR member organizations.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Past President, Secretary and Treasurer. Officers shall be elected by a procedure specified in the Bylaws. The President and Secretary shall act as the chair and the secretary of the Governing Board, whether or not they are members of the Board. Only members of the member organizations are eligible for any office.

Standing Committees

The IAPR Constitution states: The Governing Board shall set up standing committees as deemed necessary to conduct the business of IAPR. The functions of the committees shall be described in the Bylaws. There shall be a Nominating Committee, a King-Sun Fu Prize Committee, a Maria Petrou Prize Committee and a J.K. Aggarwal Prize Committee; the members of these committees are nominated by the President but shall be elected by the Governing Board. There shall also be a Membership Committee, a Constitution and Bylaws Committee, a Publications and Publicity Committee, a Conferences and Meetings Committee, an Education Committee, a Fellow Committee, an Industrial Liaison Committee, an Advisory Committee and an ICPR Standing Committee; the members of these committees shall be appointed by the President.

Technical Committees

Areas of pattern recognition currently represented by technical committees are: Statistical Pattern Recognition, Structural and Syntactic Pattern Recognition, Neural Networks and Computational Intelligence, Biometrics, Computational Forensics, Remote Sensing and Mapping, Machine Vision Applications, Graphics Recognition, Reading Systems, Multimedia and Visual Information Systems, Pattern Recognition in Astronomy and Astrophysics, Signal Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Graph Based Representations, Algebraic and Discrete Mathematical Techniques, Discrete Geometry, Cultural Heritage Applications, Bioinformatics.

Ad Hoc Committees

Special committees assembled for specific tasks.

Committee Guidelines

The IAPR Constitution & Bylaws (C&B) provide a definitive set of regulations concerning the election of officers, the appointment of Committee members and the statutory duties of officers, Committee members and Committees as a whole.