Best Industry Related Paper Award

The Best Industry Related Paper Award will be awarded at each ICPR. The paper will be selected by a committee appointed by the Chair of the Industry Liaison Committee.

The award is given to a paper selected for oral presentation at ICPR, where at least one of the authors is from a company or technology transfer organization.

The award is officially announced at the conference dinner. However, there is traditionally a Best Industry Related Paper Award session during the conference some time before the dinner, where the nominees discuss the relation between academic and industrial research. The BIRPA award winner is unofficially announced at this session.

Award Procedure

  1. The ICPR paper submission system needs to allow authors to self-nominate for the award, where one author must be from a company or a technology transfer organization. Purely university author lists are not eligible. The Program Chair is responsible for ensuring the submission system allows self-nomination.
  2. Once paper acceptances are announced and the 'camera-ready' versions of the papers are submitted, the ILC Chair asks the Program Chair for the list of and PDFs of the highly ranked self-nominated oral papers, along with the reviews for those papers.
  3. Each ILC member gets (3*num_papers/committee_size) revised papers to read, along with the original reviews. The ILC member does not need to write anything, but is asked to rank the papers in order of best to worst. There is a 3 week deadline. The papers are 6 pages long, so this should take maybe 5 hours.
  4. From the ranked papers, the ILC chair selects the top 5(ish) based on the preliminary rankings. The whole ILC reads these and ranks them again. There is a 3 week deadline.
  5. From these final rankings, a consensus ordering is formed. The ILC Chair keeps the committee informed about the process.
  6. The Chair passes the selected winner's details to the IAPR's Secretary and the IAPR office.
  7. The Chair and ICPR Program Chair schedule a 1 hour award session, where the nominees will be asked to give a 5 minute presentation on the relation of research and industry. There will be a panel discussion afterwards, and then finally the announcement of the BIRPA prize. The presentation and panel discussion is not a factor in the award decision.

2022 Award Winner in Montreal

Steve Dias Da Cruz, Bertram Taetz, Thomas Stifter, and Didier Stricker
Autoencoder for Synthetic to Real Generalization: From Simple to More Complex Scenes

2020 Award Winner in Milan

Muhammad Asad, Rilwan Basaru, S M Masudur Rahman Al Arif and Greg Slabaugh
PROPEL: Probabilistic Parametric Regression Loss for Convolutional Neural Networks

2018 Award Winner in Beijing

Zhengyuan Yang, Yixuan Zhang, Jerry Yu, Junjie Cai and Jiebo Luo
End-to-end Multi-Modal Multi-Task Vehicle Control for Self-Driving Cars with Visual Percpetions

2016 Award Winner in Cancun

Andras Rózsa, Manuel Günther, Ethan Rudd, and Terry Boult
Are Facial Attributes Adversarilly Robust?

2014 Award Winner in Stockholm

Sangmin Oh, Megha Pandey, Ilseo Kim, Anthony Hoogs, and Jeff Baumes
Personalized Economy of Images in Social Forums: An Analysis on Supply, Consumption, and Saliency

2012 Award Winner in Tsukuba

Stephen Pollard, Steven Simske and Guy Adams
Print Biometrics: Recovering Forensic Signatures from Halftone Images

2010 Award Winner in Istanbul

Jorge Moraled and Jonathan J. Hull
Toward Massive Scalability in Image Matching

2008 Award Winner in Tampa

Yuyu Liu and Yoichi Sato
Recovering Audio-to-Video Synchronization by Audiovisual Correlation Analysis

2006 Award Winner in Hong Kong

Junji Sato, Tomokazu Takahashi, Ichiro Ide and Hiroshi Murase
Change Detection in Streetscapes from GPS Coordinated Omni-Directional Image Sequences

2004 Award Winner in Cambridge

Wen Yi Zhao
Super-Resolving Compressed Video with Large Artifacts

2002 Award Winner in Quebec City

Diego A. Socolinsky and Andrea Selinger
A Comparative Analysis of Face Recognition Performance with Visible and Thermal Infrared Imagery

2000 Award Winner in Barcelona

Gopal Pingali, Agata Opalach, and Yves Jean
Ball Tracking and Virtual Replays for Innovative Tennis Broadcasts

1998 Award Winner in Brisbane

Jae-Chang Shim, Chitra Dorai and Ruud Bolle
Automatic text extraction from video for content-based annotation and retrieval

1996 Award Winner in Vienna

Larry O'Gorman and Irina Rabinowich
Photo-Image Authentication by Pattern Recognition and Cryptography

1994 Award Winner in Jerusalem

Minori Noguchi and Shree K. Nayar
Microscopic Shape from Focus using Active Illumination

1992 Award Winner in The Hague

Qifen Zheng and Rama Chellappa
A computational vision approach to image registration