April 2024 Newsletter

Dear IAPR Community Members,

The April 2024 Issue of the IAPR Newsletter is now available:

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This is a special issue devoted to the ICDAR conference celebrated last year in San Jose, California. It contains the meeting reports from ICDAR23, GREC23 and HIP23, as well as an interview with an early career researcher who received one ICDAR Best Poster Award: Simon Corbillé.

This issue also includes a Memorial tribute to the IAPR fellow Edwin R. Hancock.

In addition, you will find:

  • Calls for PAPERS
  • Calls from the IAPR Education, Industrial Liaison, and ExCo Committees
  • ICPR 2024 Call for Tutorials
  • Calls for bids to host ICPR 2028
  • News from the ExCo and Information from the IAPR Membership Committee for incorporating New Member Associations.
  • News from the IAPR Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee
  • Calls for Special Issues from Pattern Recognition Letters
  • IAPR Technical Committee (TC) News: TC1, TC3, TC4, TC6, TC10 and TC12
  • Other Meeting Reports from conferences: CVMI23, PReMI23, ICPRAM24, and the Winter School on Biometrics
  • Bulletin Board
  • Meeting and Education Planner

Enjoy your reading,

Heydi Méndez Vázquez
IAPR Newsletter Editor