Best Biometrics Student Paper Award

The IAPR Best Biometrics Student Paper Award (BBSPA) consists of a cash amount and a suitably inscribed certificate. The award is drawn from a TC4 BBSPA endowment fund that was created with surplus donated by the organizers of AVBPA05, with Professor Takeo Kanade as General Chair, Dr. Nalini Ratha and Professor Anil Jain as Program Co-Chairs, and Dr. Atul Chhabra as Treasurer.

The first BBSPA was presented at the Second IAPR/IEEE International Conference on Biometrics (ICB 2007) held in Seoul, Korea on 27-29 August 2007.

Award Procedure

The selection process starts with the IJCB Organizers, who pass candidate papers to the TC4 Awards Committee for the final selection.

2021 Award Winner in Shenzhen, China

Changyuan Jiang, Shisong Lin, Wei Chen, Feng Liu and Linlin Shen
"PointFace: Point Set Based Feature Learning for 3D Face Recognition"

2020 Award Winner in Houston, Texas, USA

Fariborz Taherkhani, Veeru Talreja, Jeremy Dawson, Matthew C. Valenti, and Nasser M. Nasrabadi
"PF-cpGAN : Profile to Frontal Coupled GAN for Face Recognition in the Wild"

2019 Award Winner in Crete, Greece

Juxing Hu, Hui Zhang, Lihu Xiao, Jing Liu, Xingguang Li, Zhaofeng He, and  Ling Li
"Seg-Edge Bilateral Constraint Network for Iris Segmentation"

2018 Award Winner in Gold Coast, Australia

Ali Dabouei, Hadi Kazemi, Seyed Mehdi Iranmanesh, Nasser Nasrabadi, and Jeremy Dawson
"Fingerprint Distortion Rectification using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks"

2017 Award Winner in Denver, Colorado, USA

Nima Karimian, Damon Woodard and Domenic Forte
"On the Vulnerability of ECG Verification to Online Presentation Attacks"

2016 Award Winner in Halmstad, Sweden

Nianfeng Liu, Haiqing Li, Man Zhang, Jing Liu, Zhenan Sun, Tieniu Tan
"Accurate Iris Segmentation in Non-cooperative Environments Using Fully Convolutional Networks"

2015 Award Winner in Phuket, Thailand

Jianqing Zhu, Shengcai Liao, Dong Yi, Zhen Lei, and Stan Z. Li
“Multi-label CNN-Based Pedestrian Attribute Learning for Soft Biometrics”

2014 Award Winner in Clearwater, Florida, USA

Bin Yang, Junjie Yan, Zhen Lei, and Stan Li
"Aggregate Channel Features for Multi-view Face Detection"

2013 Award Winner in Madrid, Spain

Qiang Jia, Chi Fang, Di Wen and Xiaoqing Ding
“Generating Face Images under Multiple Illuminations Based on a Single Front-lighted Sample without 3D Models

2012 Award Winner in New Dehli, India

Soweon Yoon, Qijun Zhao, and Anil K. Jain
"On Matching Altered Fingerprints"

2011 Award Winner in Washington, D. C., USA

Soweon Yoon, Jianjiang Feng, and Anil K. Jain
"Latent Fingerprint Enhancement via Robust Orientation Field Estimation"

2010 Award Winner in Istanbul, Turkey

Worapan Kusakunniran, Qiang Wu, Jian Zhang, and Hongdong Li
“Multi-view Gait Recognition Based on Motion Regression using Multilayer Perceptron”

2008 Award Winner in Tampa, Florida, USA

Bappaditya Mandal, Xudong Jiang, and Alex Kot
"Verification of Human Faces Using Predicted Eigenvalues"