IAPR Executive Committee Nominations

The International Association for Pattern Recognition
(IAPR) is pleased to announce a call for nominations
for the following offices of the IAPR:

1st and
2nd vice president,
secretary and

Informal suggestions are welcome from all members of the IAPR governing board (GB)
and other members of the IAPR community.
The nomination must include

the name,
the office for which the person should be considered and

a brief case for support (person’s qualification for the office).

These suggestions, which are not considered as formal nominations,
should reach the Chairman of the Nomination Committees until April 30, 2008
at the following address:

Subject: IAPR nomination
Walter G. Kropatsch
Vienna University of Technology
Institute of Computer Aided Automation
Pattern Recognition and Image Processing Group
Favoritenstr. 9/2/4, 1832
A-1040 WIEN / Austria
email: krw@prip.tuwien.ac.at (preferred)

Further details about the nomination process can be found in

the IAPR Constitution
the Bylaw section 5

and the Guidelines section 5.2

Walter G. Kropatsch
IAPR Chair of Nominating Committee

ExCo policy on announcements of scientific events

As a service to the community at large, the ExCo sends out a mail, approximately once a month, with short announcements of scientific events in the interest field of the IAPR. This mail is sent to all Technical Committee chairs and all Governing Board members, with the request to forward it to the all members of their respective societies or committees. To avoid this being perceived as additional spam, rather than as a service, the ExCo policy is

* to keep each announcement short — for instance, for a conference or workshop, the announcement basically contains the title, date and place of the event, the submission deadline, and a pointer to a web site with more information
* to only send one single announcement for each event — i.e. no reminder, second call for papers, or whatever.

The ExCo reserves the right to make exceptions to this general rule in specific cases (e.g. for major IAPR events such as the ICPR).