In Memoriam: Reinhard Klette

It is with great sadness that I write this on behalf of the IAPR Executive Committee and the whole of the IAPR community following the passing of our colleague Reinhard Klette. I would like to express our heartfelt condolences to Reinhard’s family and many friends and colleagues whom he leaves behind too early.

In addition to his deep scientific achievements and impact on early career researchers, Reinhard has contributed wholeheartedly to the work and ethos of the IAPR since its early days. One remarkable feat that is unlikely to ever be replicated is that over his career Reinhard was the key driver (and later GB representative) for two different national associations to join the IAPR (it is very much worth reading about this in the current IAPR Newsletter)! Strongly committed to the IAPR and widely respected, he completed his long service by helping select candidates for the current ExCo as a member of the Nominating Committee (2016-2018).

With deep sympathy,

Apostolos Antonacopoulos, IAPR President