IAPR Fellows for 2016

Mohammad Showkat-Ul Alam
“For contributions to the advancement and development of architectures, algorithms, and performance metrics for optical pattern recognition and high resolution image reconstruction”

Richard Bowden
“For contributions to computer vision in the fields of Sign Language, Gesture and Activity Recognition and service to IAPR”

Alberto Broggi
“For contributions in the field of Computer Vision-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving”

Xilin Chen
“For contributions to image modeling and object recognition”

Mohamed Cheriet
“For contributions to Ancient Manuscript Processing, Form Construction, Handwriting Recognition, Multidisciplinary Application, and service to IAPR”

Aly A Farag
“For contributions to object modeling and biomedical applications”

Yun Fu
“For contributions to pattern recognition, data mining and visual intelligence”

Anders Lars-Gunnar Heyden
“For contributions to multiple view geometry and auto-calibration and for service to IAPR”

Gang Hua
“For contributions to visual computing and learning from unconstrained images and videos”

C. V. Jawahar
“For contributions to computer vision, pattern recognition and document image understanding”

Kenichi Kanatani
“For contributions to 3D computer vision analysis and computation”

Ajay Kumar
“For contributions to human identification using biometrics”

Zhouchen Lin
“For contributions to image processing, computer vision and machine learning”

Derong Liu
“For contributions to neural networks and associative memories”

Tao Mei
“For contributions to large-scale video analysis, understanding and applications”

Sushmita Mitra
“For contributions to neuro-fuzzy and hybrid approaches to pattern recognition and machine intelligence, with applications to bioinformatics and medical imaging”

Maja Pantic
“For contributions to affective and behavioural computing”

Petia Radeva
“For contributions to computer vision, machine learning, egocentric vision, life-logging and medical imaging”

Amit K Roy-Chowdhury
“For contributions to collaborative sensing and distributed processing in camera networks with applications in tracking, re-identification and activity recognition”

Punam Kumar Saha
“For contributions to digital topology and geometry and their application”

Stan Sclaroff
“For contributions in tracking, human gesture analysis, shape recognition, and video databases”

Zhenan Sun
“For contributions to automatic iris recognition and applications”

Emanuele Trucco
“For contributions to computer vision and applications”

René Vidal
“For contributions to computer vision and pattern recognition”

Dong Xu
“For contributions to machine learning for visual recognition and domain adaption”

Jian Yang
“For contributions to 2D image representation and discriminant analysis”

Naokazu Yokoya
“For contributions to image processing, computer vision, and mixed and augmented reality”

Jie Zhou
“For contributions to biometrics, computer vision and image processing”