Conferences and Meetings Committee

The Conferences and Meetings Committee establishes policies, subject to approval by the Governing Board, concerning the planning, scheduling, and organizing of IAPR conferences, workshops, tutorials, and other meetings, and monitors adherence to these policies. The committee also evaluates applications for IAPR Sponsorship or Endorsement of meetings, granting this recognition to applicants who demonstrate there is a strong likelihood that the meeting will have an international scope and significant contribution to topics central to the study of pattern recognition and its applications.

2022 - 2024

Anna EspositoChair
Robert Fisher - University of Edinburgh, UKLiaison
Elisa Barney Smith
Aytul Ercil
Laurence Likforman
Jose Francisco Martinez-Trinidad - National Institute for Astrophysics, Optics, and Electronics, Mexico
Linda O'Gorman - IAPR
Emanuele Trucco
Zhaoxiang Zhang - Chinese Academy of Sciences

Past Committee Membership

2021 - 2022

Elisa Barney SmithChair
Robert FisherLiaison
Anna Esposito
C.V. Jawahar
Laurence Likforman
Marina Lukashevich
Jose Francisco Martinez-Trinidad
Linda O'Gorman
Seiichi Uchida

2018 - 2020

Laurence LikformanChair
Daniel LoprestiLiaison
Elisa Barney Smith
Anna Esposito
C.V. Jawahar
Seiichi Uchida
Richard Zanibbi

2016 - 2018

Daniel LoprestiChair
Apostolos AntonacopoulosLiaison
Elisa Barney Smith
Koichi Kise
Rasmus Larsen
Laurence Likforman
Cheng-Lin Liu
Marcello Pelillo