2018 IAPR Fellows

Michael Bronstein (Switzerland)
“For contributions to 3D data acquisition, processing, representation and analysis”
Andrea Cavallaro (UK)
“For contributions to image processing and multi-sensor scene understanding”
C. L. Philip Chen (Hong Kong)
“For contributions to machine learning algorithms and applications to image processing, security, recognition, and classification”
Songcan Chen (China)
“For contributions to fuzzy clustering, feature extraction, and pattern classification”
Sven J. Dickinson (Canada)
“For contributions to shape perception, object recognition, perceptual organization, and graph-based methods in computer vision”
Jean-Luc Dugelay (France)
“For contributions to face recognition and soft biometrics”
Janne T. Heikkilä (Finland)
“For contributions to 3D computer vision and image analysis”
Ujjwal Maulik (India)
“For contributions to pattern recognition and machine learning, with applications to image analysis and computational biology”
Javier Ortega-Garcia (Spain)
“For contributions to biometric recognition, especially in behavioral traits including speech and handwritten and human-device interactions”
Paul L. Rosin (UK)
“For contributions to image processing and computer vision”
Arun A. Ross (USA)
“For contributions that significantly advance biometric technologies; extend considerably its infrastructure; and enable its continuing scientific advances”
Bernt Schiele (Germany)
“For contributions to large-scale object recognition, human detection and pose estimation”
Ling Shao (UK)
“For contributions to human action recognition and video understanding”
Dinggang Shen (USA)
“For contributions to biomedical applications of pattern recognition and medical image analysis”
Richa Singh (India)
“For contributions to face recognition and pattern classification”
Jingdong Wang (China)
“For contributions to multimedia search, similarity search, attention analysis, and video surveillance”
Yunhong Wang (China)
“For contributions to biometrics, computer vision, and pattern recognition”
Junsong Yuan (Singapore)
“For contributions to human action and gesture analysis”
Pong Chi Yuen (Hong Kong)
“For contributions to subspace learning and information fusion for visual recognition”
Huaguang Zhang (China)
“For contributions to stability analysis of recurrent time-delay neural networks and identification of weak signals”