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Maria Petrou Prize

Deadline for Submission of Nomination and Endorsement Forms is April 5, 2020.

The Maria Petrou Prize is to be awarded biennially at ICPRs to a living female scientist/engineer who has made substantial contributions to the field of Pattern Recognition (or a closely related field), and whose past contributions, current research activity and future potential may be regarded as a model to both aspiring and established researchers. This Prize honors the memory of Professor Maria Petrou as a scientist and engineer of the first rank, and particularly in her role as a pioneer for women researchers and highly successful role model. She is widely recognized for her extensive contributions to the field of image processing and pattern recognition. She also made significant contributions to the growth of IAPR, covering significant leadership roles. The Prize consists of a suitably inscribed plaque and a cash amount.

The prize recipient shall be selected by the Maria Petrou Prize Committee, subject to approval by the IAPR Governing Board, upon nomination by a member of a national member society of IAPR and by the endorsement of two more members, at least one of which must be a woman.

Members of the IAPR Executive Committee, as well as of the Maria Petrou Prize Committee, shall be ineligible for the prize and may not serve as nominators or endorsers.

The 2020 prize will be presented at the

25th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR)
Milan, Italy
September 13-18, 2020 January 10-15, 2021

The prize recipient is expected to present an invited talk at the conference and to provide a contribution to the special issue of Pattern Recognition Letters, which will include extended versions of all papers that received an IAPR award at the 2020 ICPR.

The nomination must be made on special nomination and the endorsement forms, and must be received no later than April 5 2020. Both completed nomination and endorsement forms must be submitted in electronic form. The nominator as well as endorsers should email their completed forms directly to the Appointed Chair of the Maria Petrou Prize Committee at the specified email address:

Michal Irani
Chair, Maria Petrou Prize Committee
The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
email:  michal.irani@weizmann.ac.il

Maria Petrou Prize Nomination/Endorsement Forms:

2020 Nomination Form (.doc)

2020 Endorsement Form (.doc)

2020 Award Winner in Milan

Professor Maja Pantic
For contributions to artificial intelligence (AI), particularly in computer vision and machine learning applied to automatic analysis of human faces, machine understanding of human behaviour, and multimodal recognition of human emotions.

2018 Award Winner in Beijing

Rita Cucchiara
For pioneering contributions to tracking and reidentification, and as a role model for early career researchers.

2016 Award Winner in Cancun

Professor Michal Irani
For pioneering contributions to space-time video analysis, motion estimation and image analysis by composition, and as a role model for early career researchers striving for excellence and rigour in the fields of computer vision and pattern recognition.

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