Volume 31, Number 3 July 2009



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Calls for Papers

In this issue…


How many IAPR Fellows do you know?

Walter Kropatch, IAPR Fellow and Chair of the IAPR Fellow Committee, poses this question and invites IAPR members to consider nominating a colleague who might be worthy of this honor.


From the ExCo

IAPR Secretary Denis Laurendeau shares news from the IAPR Executive Committee.



A list of all book reviews that have been published in the IAPR Newsletter followed by the most recent review:


Zheng Liu reviews

Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks

by B.D. Ripley


 Conference and Workshop Reports:



2009 Computational Color Imaging Workshop


PRIP 2009

10th International Conference on

Pattern Recognition and Information Processing


MVA 2009

11th IAPR Conference on

Machine Vision Applications


CORES 2009

6th International Conference on Computer Recognition Systems


CRV 2009

Sixth Canadian Conference on

Computer and Robot Vision


GbR 2009

7th IAPR TC-15 Workshop on

Graph-based Representations

in Pattern Recognition


ICB 2009


International Conference on Biometrics


IbPRIA 2009

4th Iberian Conference on

Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis


MCS 2009

8th International Workshop on

Multiple Classifier Systems


It’s never too early to plan for ICPR

ICPR 2010 will be held August 23-26, 2010 in Istanbul, Turkey. 


Of Interest...

Free books available for review.


Conference Planner

Chart of some upcoming IAPR and non-IAPR conferences of interest to the IAPR community.

IAPR Newsletter

Articles, announcements, book reviews,

conference and workshop reports


Contact the editor: 

Alexandra Branzan Albu, aalbu@ece.uvic.ca


Deadline:  October 2, 2009

Call for Submissions

ICISP 2010

International Conference on

Image and Signal Processing 2010

Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada

Deadline:  January 22, 2010
June 30-July 2, 2010

CIP 2010

2nd International Workshop on

Cognitive Information Processing

Elba Island (Tuscany), Italy

Deadline:  January 10, 2010

June 14-16, 2010

ANNPR 2010

4th International Workshop on

Artificial Neural Networks in Pattern Recognition

Cairo, Egypt

Deadline: November 1, 2009

April 11-13, 2010

ICFHR 2010

12th International Conference on

Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition

Kolkata, India

Deadline: February 15, 2010

November 16–18, 2010

ICPR 2010

20th International Conference on Pattern Recognition

Istanbul, Turkey

Deadline: January 15, 2010

August 23-26, 2010


11th International Conference on

Document Analysis and Recognition

Beijing, China

Deadline: ?

September 18-21, 2011