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Conference Report: CRV 2009

Report prepared by:


John Barron, CIPPRS Treasurer (Canada)

Text Box: Sixth Canadian Conference on 
Computer and Robot Vision

25-27 May 2009
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
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Conference Co-Chairs:


Frank Ferrie (Canada)

Mark Fiala (Canada)

Organized by the Canadian Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Society (CIPPRS), this IAPR endorsed event brought together researchers in vision, pattern recognition, medical imaging and robotics from across Canada and around the world.  CRV, which was formally known as Vision Interface (VI), is co-located annually with Graphics Interface (GI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and has been gathering momentum as a first-rate vision conference for a number of years. Conference co-chairs Frank Ferrie from the Center for Intelligent Machines (CIM) at the McGill University and Mark Fiala at Ryerson University observed that paper quality was up significantly.  "We've seen an increase in the quality of papers over the last number of years and we think this is a positive sign, both for the conference and the community at large" said Dr. Ferrie. Dr. Fiala further noted that "We're also seeing increased international involvement, indicating increased recognition outside Canada". There were 89 submissions, with 47 accepted, 23 as oral presentations. The conference was attended by 67 people.

The conference featured three days of single-track oral presentations and two parallel poster sessions. The IAPR sponsored Best Paper Award 2009 was given to Dan Levi for "Learning Model Complexity in an Online Environment" by Dan Levi and Shimon Ullman. A cash prize of $300CDN was presented at the conference banquet. The IAPR Best Student Paper Award 2009 was given Adam Fourney for "Non-Accidental Features for Gesture Spotting" by Adam Fourney and Richard Mann at Waterloo University with a cash prize of $200CDN.

Two other best paper awards were also made:  the CIPPRS/ACTIRF Best Robotics Paper Award 2009 to Junaed Sattar for "A Vision-Based Control and Interaction Framework for  a Legged Underwater Robot" by Junaed Sattar and Geogory Dudek at McGill University and the CIPPRS/ACTIRF Best Vision Paper Award 2009 to Alexander Wong for "Adaptive Monte Carlo Retinex Method for Illumination and Reflectance Separation and Color Image Enhancement" by Alexander Wong, David Clausi and Paul Fieguth at Waterloo University. All first authors of best paper awards received a wall plaque.

The slate of internationally recognized invited speakers included Jim Little from the University of British Columbia (Vision for Robots at Home and at Work), Rui Castro (Learning to Learn: Closing the Loop Between Data Analysis and Acquisition) and Ben Kimia (Shapes and Shock Graphs:  From Segmented Shapes to Shapes Embedded in Images).

One of the advantages to of being able to attend three conferences for one conference fee is being able to attend the other conferences' invited speaker talks. This reviewer attended talks by Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz from the University of Calgary on "Images of Life: How Visual Computing is Shaping Plant Biology" [Graphics Interface] and by Alan Mackworth from the University of British Columbia on "Living with Constraints" [Artificial Intelligence].

The day before the conference saw a tutorial workshop organized by Mark Fiala on various Computer Vision and Robotics topics. The tutorials were free to conference registrants. Topics included Kalman Filters, SLAM, Particle Filters, Belief Propagation, Learning. Differential Optical Flow and OpenCV.  About 35 students attended and a great learning experience was had.

"We're very excited by the renewed energy and direction of this conference." said CIPPRS president Gregory Dudek of McGill University. At the conference banquet Dr. Dudek presented an award for research excellence and service to the community to prominent Canadian researcher Dr. Ioannis Rekleitis. "We're very grateful for Yannis' service and the recognition he has brought to the society through his outstanding research record" said Dr. Dudek.

CRV 2010 will be held next year at the end of May in Ottawa, Canada's national capital. Further information will be posted at as it becomes available. Mark your calendars!

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