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The ExCo held a very fruitful mid-term meeting on July 15-16, 2009, in Nancy, France.  Special thanks go to Karl Tombre who hosted the meeting and made the work of the committee easy and efficient.

The ExCo has reviewed the interim reports from the Technical Committees. Based on the contents of these reports, most TCs have been very active in the past months running various activities and events related to their respective fields of expertise.

The ExCo has also discussed ways of improving the web services offered to TCs and more information on the solutions that have been identified will be communicated to the TCs in the next weeks.

The organization of the next ICPR 2010 in Istanbul is going on, and the IAPR community is invited to visit the website at for information on paper/tutorial/workshop submission deadlines and other activities related to the conference (see also the ICPR poster in this issue).

Speaking of ICPR, and following the discussion that was held at the last GB meeting in Tampa, the ExCo has worked on defining the procedure for submitting bids for hosting the ICPR. Information will be sent to the GB and the IAPR community as soon as the procedure (and accompanying guidelines document) is complete.

The financial status of the IAPR has been reviewed by the ExCo. Based on the report made by the Treasurer, Prof. Kim Boyer, IAPR's finances are in good shape and the plans that were adopted for this budget cycle at the last GB meeting for supporting activities in TCs and work groups can be implemented.

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Executive Committee

by Denis Laurendeau (Canada)