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If you are not one of the rare species of IAPR-fellows you may have difficulties to come up with a good estimate. In fact only few people are actively involved in the process of nominating IAPR-fellows.

1. There is first of all the nominator. Any member of an IAPR member society can serve as a nominator, except members of the IAPR Fellow committee and the nominee him/herself.  The nominator initiates the nomination of a candidate.

2. Each nomination must be endorsed by at least one endorsing letter.  The endorser is the second person who supports the nomination of an IAPR-fellow.

3. All nominations are collected by the six members of the IAPR Fellow Committee, which has the task of ranking the incoming nominations and proposing maximally 0.25% of the total IAPR membership to receive IAPR Fellowship.  Currently, this number is 19 Fellows that can be elected until next ICPR. 

4. At the ICPR, a part of the banquet is the ceremony to congratulate the recipients on their achievements and to hand out the certificates.  At this time, all the new IAPR fellows are officially announced and some of your friends will remember this event.


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How many IAPR Fellows do you know?

When I became an IAPR-Fellow…


Surely, becoming an IAPR Fellow is so far the highest recognition of my work. In fact, to all the Pattern Recognition researchers in India, IAPR is the most learned society in the field and any award or recognition from IAPR is treated as a great achievement.  So when I became IAPR Fellow, I received a huge applause from my friends,

colleagues and co-researchers. This recognition has imposed on me more visibility.


Our Director is also a IAPR Fellow. and he knew the importance of this Fellowship and considered it as an honour to the Institute. He put it in the annual report of the Institute and mentioned in his Convocation Address.


Bhabatosh Chanda, IAPR Fellow

By Walter G. Kropatsch, IAPR Fellow (Austria)

Chair of the IAPR Fellow committee

GIRPR Policy on IAPR Fellowship


GIRPR, the IAPR Italian Member Society, has an “ad hoc” Fellow Committee to identify individual GIRPR members as potential nominees for becoming IAPR Fellows.  The committee, renewed every 2-year term, consists of 2 or 3 members and generally includes the GIRPR members that were elected as IAPR Fellows during the previous term.

Obviously, this policy does not prevent individual GIRPR members from being nominated by nominators outside GIRPR, but guarantees that the most valuable GIRPR members are certainly nominated.  This policy has had positive results, especially by taking into account that GIRPR is a relatively small Member Society (category A2 until the end of 2007, category B1 since January 2008). In fact, 11% of the IAPR Fellows elected since 1994 are GIRPR members.

And then?

Some fellows put "IAPR Fellow" on their business cards.  And, the IAPR home page lists the names of all IAPR Fellows with their member society and the citation.

Beyond this, not much is visible from the prestigious IAPR Fellow award, which was introduced in 1994 and since then is biennially conferred on persons to acknowledge their distinguished contributions to the field of pattern recognition and to IAPR activities.  Based on this observation, the IAPR Executive Committee and the IAPR Fellow Committee propose to create visual signs to allow IAPR Fellows to show their prestigious award:

1. Based on an idea of the new Executive Committee, we want to create a pin that will be distributed to all IAPR Fellows. It should be  quickly associated with the IAPR, and it should identify the person as a Fellow of the IAPR.  While we have some preliminary ideas on design, I can imagine that IAPR members have many excellent and creative ideas.  Why don't you make your own proposal?  The forum on the IAPR members pages would be a good place to present your proposals.

2. Other professional societies (like IEEE) allow their fellows to put "Fellow" behind their name as author of an article.  We want to encourage (at least) the official publications of the IAPR to follow this example.

The distribution of IAPR Fellows among member societies varies.  We have asked one of the most successful member societies to tell us more about their policy (see sidebar, “GIRPR Policy”).  You can congratulate your Italian colleagues for their high recognition rate.

Finally, I asked one of our most recent IAPR fellows to briefly describe what it meant for him to become an IAPR fellow (see sidebar, “When I became an IAPR Fellow...”)

To come back to my introductory question, I would like to invite you to think of who in your IAPR neighborhood would deserve to become an IAPR Fellow.  Please do not hesitate to submit a nomination.  With a successful nomination of an IAPR Fellow you will, for sure, know at least one more IAPR fellow...

IAPR Past President Karl Tombre, IAPR Fellow, presents an IAPR Fellow plaque to IAPR President Brian Lovell at ICPR2008.


The plaque reads :For contributions to video and medical image analysis and service to the IAPR.”

With this article, the IAPR Newsletter begins a new series of Feature articles:  Getting to Know IAPR Fellows.  Through this series, IAPR Fellows will share technical information about their research with the IAPR Community. 

As always, your feedback is welcome.  Please email your comments and suggestions to me.

~Alexandra Branzan Albu, ed.