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This workshop was the second in the CCIW series and was organized by the University Jean Monnet and the Laboratoire Hubert Curien UMR 5516 (Saint Etienne, France) with the endorsement of the International Association on Pattern Recognition (IAPR), the French Association for Pattern Recognition and Interpretation (AFRIF) affiliated with IAPR, and the "Groupe Français de l'Imagerie Numérique Couleur" (GFINC).  The first CCIW was organized in 2007 in Modena, Italy (see report in the October, 2007, issue of the IAPR Newsletter).

While planning the CCIW’09 workshop, its organizers/chairs, Alain Tremeau (Univ. of Saint-Etienne, France), Raimondo Schettini (Univ. of Milano-Bicocca, Italy) and Shoji Tominaga (Chiba University, Japan) aimed at bringing together the international community of imaging scientists and technologists to discuss recent advances in the areas of color image processing and analysis, ranging from theoretical developments to practical applications.

We received many excellent submissions. Each paper was reviewed by three reviewers, and then we carefully selected only 23 papers in order to achieve a high scientific level at the workshop.  The final decisions were based on the criticisms and recommendations of the reviewers and the relevance of papers to the goal of the workshop. Only 58% of the papers submitted were accepted for inclusion in the program. These papers provided a good starting point for the valued discussion of the workshop participants. In addition to the contributed papers, four distinguished researchers were invited for this second CCIW to deliver keynote speeches on current research directions in hot topics on computational color imaging: Hidehiko Komatsu (Chiba University, Japan) on “color information processing in higher brain areas”; Qasim Zaidi (State University of New York, USA) on “general and specific color strategies for object identification”; Theo Gevers (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands) on “color descriptors for object recognition”; and Gunther Heidemann on “visual attention models and color image retrieval”.

The workshop program included six sessions. The first session on Computational Color Vision Models began with presentations on spatio-temporal tone mapping operator based on a retina model (Alexandre Benoit, Université de Savoie, France), next followed by presentation on color representation in lateral geniculate nucleus (Naokazu Goda, National Institute for Physiological Sciences, Japan).

In the second session on Color Constancy, the attention of workshop participants was brought to color constancy algorithm selection using CART (Simone Bianco, University Degli Studi di Milano, Italy), illuminant change estimation via minimization of color histogram divergence (Michela Lecca, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Italy), and illumination chromaticity estimation based on dichromatic reflection model and imperfect segmentation (Johji Tajima, IAPR Fellow, Nagoya City University, Japan).

The next session on Color Image/Video Indexing and Retrieval began with a discussion on image re-indexing technique by self organizing motor maps (Sebastiano Battiato, University of Catani, Italy), followed by presentations on mapping functions between color image features and KANSEI (Yen-wei Chen, Ritsumeikan University, Japan), on hue angle metric for perceptual image difference (Marius Pedersen, Gjøvik University College, Norway), and on structure tensor of color quaternion image representations for invariant feature extraction (Jesus Angulo, Ecole des Mines de Paris, France).

The first day of the workshop ended with an open discussion moderated by the workshop chairs on the recent trends and future research directions in computational color imaging.

In the fourth session on Color Image Filtering and Enhancement, the attention of workshop participants was brought to non-linear filter response distributions of natural color images (Alexander Balinsky, Cardiff  University, UK), image-driven perceptual color correction (Edoardo Provenzi, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain), computationally efficient technique for image colorization (Vladimir Bochko, University of Joensuu, Finland), and texture sensitive denoising for single sensor color imaging devices (Angelo Bosco, STMicroelectronics, Italy).

The fifth session on Color Reproduction (printing, scanning, displays) began with a discussion on color reproduction using Riemann normal coordinates (Satoshi Oshima, Chuo University, Japan), next  followed by presentations on classification of paper images to predict substrate parameters prior to print (Matthias Scheller Lichtenauer, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research, Switzerland), colorimetric study of spatial uniformity in projection displays (Jean-Baptiste Thomas, Gjøvik University College, Norway), color stereo matching cost applied to CFA images (Hachem Halawana, Université de Lille, France), compression test with JBIG for printer pipelines (Daniele Ravì, Universita degli studi di Catani, Italy), and synthesis of facial images with foundation make-up (Motonori Doi, Osaka Electro-Communication University, Japan).

In the final session on Multi-spectral, High-resolution and High Dynamic Range Imaging, the discussed themes included polynomial regression spectra reconstruction of arctic charr’s (Birgitta Martinkauppi, University of Joensuu, Finland), adaptive tone mapping algorithm for high dynamic range images  (Jian Zhang, Waseda University, Japan), material classification for printed circuit boards by spectral imaging system (Abdelhameed Ibrahim, Chiba University, Japan), and supervised local subspace learning for classification of high-resolution satellite images (Yen-wei Chen, Ritsumeikan University, Japan).

It is our hope that the workshop provided a convenient forum where researchers and practitioners in digital imaging, multimedia, visual communications, computer vision, and consumer electronic industry, who are interested in the fundamentals of color image processing and its emerging applications, could interact and benefit from these interactions.  We are looking forward to seeing you at future events devoted to computational color imaging. We are already making plans for organizing the next CCIW workshop in Milano in 2011.

Workshop Report: CCIW ‘09

Report prepared by the Workshop Organizers/Chairs

Text Box: 2009 Computational Color Imaging Workshop
26-27 March 2009
Saint Etienne, France
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Workshop Organizers/Chairs:


Alain Tremeau (France)

Raimondo Schettini (Italy)

Shoji Tominaga (Japan)

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