The IAPR Newsletter is looking for reviewers for the books listed below.


If you have interest and some knowledge in the topic, email us with your mailing address.  We will send you a copy of the book—which you may keep—and will expect in return a review for the Newsletter


Alexandra Branzan Albu, IAPR Newsletter Editor



The following titles are available to be reviewed:


Tensors in Image Processing and Computer Vision

Series: Advances in Pattern Recognition

Aja-Fernández, S.; de Luis García, R.; Tao, D.; Li, X. (Eds.)

2009, X, 470 p. 136 illus., 79 in color., Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-84882-298-6


Handbook of Remote Biometrics for Surveillance and Security

Series: Advances in Pattern Recognition

Tistarelli, Massimo; Li, Stan Z.; Chellappa, Rama (Eds.)

2009, XIV, 382 p. 166 illus., 91 in color., Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-84882-384-6






The following titles are also due to be published very soon:


Fundamentals of Computerized Tomography Image Reconstruction from Projections

Series: Advances in Pattern Recognition

Herman, Gabor T.

Originally published by Academic Press, 1980

2nd ed., 2009, XII, 300 p. 98 illus., Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-85233-617-2


Statistical Learning and Pattern Analysis for Image and Video Processing

Series: Advances in Pattern Recognition

Zheng, Nanning, Xue, Jianru

2009, Approx. 370 p. 102 illus., 74 in color., Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-84882-311-2


Information Theory in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

Escolano, Francisco, Suau, Pablo, Bonev, Boyán

2009, Approx. 410 p. 126 illus., Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-84882-296-2, 2009)

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