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Conference Report: ICB 2009

Report prepared by:

Massimo Tistarelli, General Chair

Text Box: 3rd IAPR/IEEE International Conference on Biometrics

2-5 June 2009
Alghero, Italy
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General Chair:


Massimo Tistarelli, IAPR Fellow (Italy)


Conference Co-Chairs

Davide Maltoni (Italy)

Javier Ortega-Garcia (Spain)

The 3rd edition of the main and most prestigious conference in biometrics was sponsored by IAPR as the flagship event of the IAPR Technical Committee 4 (TC-4) on Biometrics.

About 160 delegates, from more than 20 different countries, attended the conference.

The 3rd International Conference on Biometrics follows a very successful track started in Crans Montana, Switzerland back in 1997, with the first edition of the International Audio and Video Based Personal Authentication conference (AVBPA). The AVBPA conference was held every two years and has been moving to several locations around the globe. In 2006 AVBPA was merged with ICBA (International Conference on Biometric Authentication) into a single main conference, named the International Conference on Biometrics (ICB). Since then the ICB conference has been the main scientific forum for presenting the latest research advances in the field.

The conference was held as a single track with 37 oral and 93 poster presentations. Moreover, five research demos were also presented during the poster sessions.

The first day of the conference was devoted to a tutorial on security and privacy issues. The tutorial speakers were Prof. Emilio Mordini (CSSC Rome, Italy) and Prof. Terry Boult (University of Colorado, USA). Every morning session was opened with a keynote speech of one hour. The invited speakers are all internationally recognized researchers from both academia and industry:

On Wednesday 3rd, Prof. Heinrich H. Bülthoff, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Tübingen, Germany, presented the lecture «What can machine vision learn from human perception?»

On Thursday 4th, Prof. Sadaoki Furui from the Department of Computer Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology, presented the lecture «40 years of progress in automatic speaker recognition technology»

On Friday 5th, Dr. Jean-Christophe Fondeur, head of the R&D Sagem Sécurité, France, presented the lecture «Lessons learned and challenges in large scale biometrics systems»

All sessions were followed with great interest by a large audience. Two sessions in particular were very successful and attracted much interest. The former was the first open plenary meeting of TC-4.  The meeting was held on Wednesday 4th after the last afternoon session. The meeting was opened by the current TC chair Prof. Tieniu Tan (IAPR Fellow), who presented an overview of the past and current activities of the TC. Some future and planned activities were also presented. The presentation from Prof. Tan was then followed by an open discussion with proposals from the floor, moderated by the TC vice-chair and conference chairman, Prof. Massimo Tistarelli. Several interesting proposals and ideas for future activities were presented. The meeting closed with a broader awareness of the IAPR TC activities as well as the willingness to cooperate to bring the proposals further.

The latter special session was held on Thursday afternoon to present the planning and latest results from a number of biometric competitions carried out over the past two years in conjunction with the ICB conference. Dr. Jonathon Phillips (IAPR Fellow) from NIST, USA, presented the organization and latest results from the Multiple Biometrics Grand Challenge. This presentation was followed by a paper on a specific new algorithm for face recognition submitted and tested under MBGC. Prof. Bernadette Dorizzi presented the signature verification competition promoted by the Biosecure Foundation. Dr Norman Poh presented the Face Stills and Video Competition organized by the University of Surrey. Dr Raffaele Cappelli, from University of Bologna in Italy, presented the latest version of the Fingerprint Verification Competition (FVC) also called FVC On-going, which is a continuous on-line competition.  Proposals to host similar on-line contests for other biometric modalities have been also suggested. Finally, Dr Krzysztof Kryszczuk presented the Multimodal Biometric Evaluation based on Feature Classification, which is still ongoing.

At the gala dinner held on Thursday evening, the venue for next ICB was announced. ICB 2011 will be jointly organized by Prof. Kevin Bowyer and Prof. Rama Chellappa (IAPR Fellow) in Washington DC, USA. That year, the conference will be named the International Joint Conference on Biometrics, as it will be the main conference in biometrics, merging with the conference on Biometrics: Theory, Applications and Systems (BTAS) which is held every year in the US.

Four best paper prizes were awarded:

the IAPR Best Biometric Student Paper Award was given to Chris Boehnen, Tanya Peters and Patrick J. Flynn (IAPR Fellow) for the paper “3D Signatures for Fast 3D Face Recognition”

the Best Student Paper Award sponsored by Sagem, was given to Chun Chen and Raymond Veldhuis for the paper “Binary Biometric Representation through Pairwise Polar Quantization”

a Best Paper Award sponsored by Accenture was given ex-equo to Yi Chen and Anil K. Jain (IAPR Fellow) for the paper “Beyond Minutiae: A Fingerprint Individuality Model with Pattern, Ridge and Pore Features” and to Norman Poh, Rita Wong, Josef Kittler (IAPR Fellow) and Fabio Roli (IAPR Fellow) for the paper “Challenges and Research Directions for Adaptive Biometric Recognition Systems”

The papers were selected from two juries. The former, selecting the best student papers, was composed of seven members from the IAPR TC. The latter, selecting the non-student papers, was composed by five members. The conference chairman chaired both committees. None of the members of the committees, including the chair, had any papers included in the list of candidates for the awards.

Proceedings of the conference have been published by

Springer-Verlag in the

Lecture Notes in

Computer Science Series (Volume 5558)


Advances in Biometrics


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