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Coffee Break and Lunch for Women at ICPR, Tuesday, December 6 at 10:00 am and at 12:30-14:30 Restaurant Mocambo

Let’s talk! There is a steadily growing number of female researchers in our field who have much to learn from each other. The first ever Coffee Break for Women at ICPR will follow the Maria Petrou Prize lecture on Tuesday, December 6, at 10:00 am.

On the same day, women can get together again at noon for a Lunch Break at the restaurant Mocambo, which is within walking distance from the conference venue. 

Please come and meet colleagues from around the world, make new friends, and share your personal stories about women working in various fields of pattern recognition.

ICPR Stipends

 Stipends to Support Mexican PhD Students

Eligible  only   PhD students of   Mexican Universities, who  do  not have accepted papers at the conference.
The support  will be a free entrance to the conference.
We have a limited number of stipends, send your CV, and a recommendation letter to the Local Chairs:
Prof. Susana Ortega,
Dr. Jorge Rivera Rovelo,
Dr. Jaime Ortegon Aguilar,


Travel Stipends 

The selected recipients of the Student Travel Stipends have been selected and informed.

 The IAPR Executive Committee has decided to announce travel stipends *of US$1000 each to be granted to 50 authors with accepted papers. The application should be clear in that this author will be the presenter of the paper. The selection process will start soon and the authors granted will be informed   by e-mail.  Our strategy this year is to give high priority to PhD students. We will also favor authors of multiple papers. Other criteria we will use is to consider whether the author comes from a country with financial difficulty to travel. Due to limitations in our budget, we regret supporting only a small part of the application.

download the application instructions:



The world’s top scientists in the field of image processing are meeting in Cancun, Mexico

Image Processing

ICPR 2016 – the leading image processing Conference for the first time in Cancun,Mexico and Latinamerica

ICPR is the largest international Conference on image processing with over a thousand participants.

It takes place every two years since the 1970s, and is held for the first time in Cancun, Mexico and Latin America at the Cancun Center on December 4-8, 2016.

The foremost researchers in the field from some 40 countries are on hand to present their research findings. We welcome journalists free to register on the site and participate in the Conference. 

For more information about the program and speakers are available from the Conference website (

For more information about the Conference, for example. contacts with researchers to interview, or guidance on knowledge and what trends and topics that are current, please contact:  Publicity Chair ICPR 2016.

Image processing in Mexico

For more information about the Mexican image processing research and development available from MACVR

Highlights of the program that are of broad interest