ICDAR 2015 will be the 13th Conference in the series. The previous ones of this series were:

  • ICDAR’91 in Saint Malo (France),
  • ICDAR’93 in Tsukuba (Japan),
  • ICDAR’95 in Montreal (Canada),
  • ICDAR’97 in Ulm (Germany),
  • ICDAR’99 in Bangalore (India),
  • ICDAR’01 in Seattle (USA),
  • ICDAR’03 in Edinburgh (Scotland),
  • ICDAR’05 in Seoul (Korea),
  • ICDAR’07 in Curitiba (Brazil),
  • ICDAR’09 in Barcelona (Spain),
  • ICDAR’11 in Beijing (China), and
  • ICDAR’13 in Washington (DC).


icdar2009Group Photo ICDAR 2009


Group Photo ICDAR 2011