Volume 33, Number 2 April 2011



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Alexandra Branzan Albu





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Arjan Kuijper




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Linda J. O’Gorman


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Calls for Papers

In this issue…


Getting to know...Wenyin Liu, IAPR Fellow

Dr. Wenyin Liu takes us through his research progression from document analysis to anti-phishing.


From the ExCo

Ingela Nyström expresses the sympathy and concern of the world community over the natural disasters that have struck Japan and shares news from the IAPR Executive Committee.



A list of book reviews previously published in the IAPR Newsletter.


 New book reviews in this issue: 


Zheng Liu reviews

Multi Sensor Data Fusion


by Jitendra R. Raol


Marcus E. Hennecke reviews

Embedded Computer Vision

by Branislav Kisacanin,

Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya, and Sek Chai (Eds.)


 IAPR Conference and Workshop Reports:


CIP 2010

2nd International Workshop on Cognitive Information Processing


AND 2010

4th Workshop on Analytics for

Noisy Unstructured Text Data


ICFHR 2010

12th International Conference on

Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition


DICTA 2010

International Conference on

Digital Image Computing: 

Techniques and Applications



Call for papers for ICPR2012 plus calls for nominations for the K.S. Fu and J.K. Aggarwal Prizes.



Call for Proposals to Host ICDAR 2015 and Call for Nominations for ICDAR 2011 Awards.


Of Interest...

Lots of free books available for review.


Conference Planner

Chart of some upcoming IAPR and non-IAPR conferences of interest to the I APR community.

IAPR Newsletter

Articles, announcements, book reviews,

conference and workshop reports


Contact the editor: 

Alexandra Branzan Albu, aalbu@ece.uvic.ca


Deadline:  June 17, 2011

Call for Submissions

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IJCB 2011

IEEE/IAPR International

Joint Conference on Biometrics

Washington, DC, USA

Deadline:  May 27, 2011

October 11-13, 2011

GREC 2011

9th IAPR International Workshop on 

Graphics RECognition

Seoul, Korea

Deadline:  May 15, 2011

September 15-16, 2011

ICFHR 2012

13th International Conference on

Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition

Bari, Italy

Deadline: February 28, 2012

September 18-20, 2012

ICPR 2012

21st International Conference on Pattern Recognition

Tsukuba Science City, Japan

Deadline: March 31, 2012

November 11-15, 2012

DAS 2012

10th IAPR International Workshop on

Document Analysis Systems

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


March 27-29 2012


1st International Workshop on

Similarity-Based Pattern Analysis and Recognition

Venice, Italy

Deadline:  May 15, 2011

September 28-October 2 2011

PSL 2011

1st Workshop on Partially Supervised Learning

Ulm, Germany

Deadline:  May 6, 2011

September 15-16, 2011

DICTA 2011

International Conference on

Digital Image Computing: 

Techniques and Applications

Noosa, Queensland, Australia

Deadline:  June 20, 2011

December 6-8, 2011

K.S. Fu Prize

To be presented at ICPR 2012

Deadline: April 6, 2012

J.K. Aggarwal Prize

To be presented at ICPR 2012

Deadline: April 11, 2012