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DICTA is the main Australian conference on digital image processing, machine vision and related areas and is hosted by the Australian Pattern Recognition Society. From its establishment in 1991 until 2007, DICTA had been a biannual meeting. Since 2008, DICTA has been an annual conference with the 2010 edition being the third in the current annual conference and the twelfth meeting overall.

DICTA 2010 was held at the Mercure Sydney Hotel in Australia and was endorsed by the IAPR and IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc). It was sponsored by DSTO (Defence Science and Technology Organisation), NICTA (National ICT Australia) and CiSRA (Canon Information Systems Research Australia). In 2010, one hundred and ninety four submissions were received and each paper manuscript was reviewed by at least two members of the Review Panel. More than 400 reviews were conducted. One hundred and four papers were accepted for presentation and inclusion in the DICTA 2010 proceedings. The Proceedings were published by the IEEE Conference Publishing Services (CPS) and are included in the IEEE Xplore on-line database. A selection of the high quality papers will be published in a forthcoming Special Issue of Journal IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology).

The conference attracted 135 delegates from 12 countries across 5 continents. It was officially opened by Dr. Terence Percival, Director of Neville Roach Laboratory (Kensington), Sydney, National ICT Australia.

Six international keynote speakers—Drs. Philip Torr, Shaogang Gong, James Kowk, Thomas Sikora, and Nico Karssemeijer —provided interesting perspectives on a range of topics including vision based scene understanding, intelligent visual surveillance, kernel methods for large data sets, social media from image processing perspective and computer aided detection in medical screening.

Five Best Paper Awards were made at DICTA 2010. Additionally, due to the high quality of submissions, two Best Paper Runner-up awards were also made.

The Best Paper Prize sponsored by the APRS and IAPR was awarded to Abeed Sarker and Leonard Hamey for their paper entitled “Improved Reconstruction of Flutter Shutter Images for Motion Blur Reduction”.

The Best Student Paper Prize sponsored and presented by NICTA was awarded to Shih Ching Fu (student) and Peter Kovesi (supervisor) for their paper entitled “Robust Extraction of Optic Flow Differentials for Surface Reconstruction”.

The Best Colour Paper Prize sponsored and presented by CiSRA was awarded to Jun Zhu, Dengsheng Zhang and Guojun Lu for their paper entitled “An Enhancement to Close-Form Method for Natural Image Matting”.

The two Best Paper Prize Runners sponsored by DSTO was awarded to Hadi Aliakbarpour and Jorge Dias for their paper entitled “IMU-Aded 3D Reconstruction Based on Multiple Virtual Planes” and Yanzhi Chen, Anthony Dick, and Anton Van Den Hengel for their paper entitled “Image Retrieval with a Visual Thesaurus”.

Congratulations to all our Prize Winners!

Conference Report: DICTA 2010

Report prepared by the General Co-Chairs

Text Box: Digital Image Computing:  Techniques and Applications

December 1-3, 2010
Sydney, Australia
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General Co-Chairs:


Jian Zhang (Australia)

Chunhua Shen (Australia)

Glenn Geers (Australia)

Dr. Terence Percival, Director of Neville Roach Laboratory at Kensington, Sydney

Proceedings of

DICTA 2010

are available online



Murk Bottema, APRS President and

APRS member–inlarge Brian C. Lovell, IAPR Fellow,

present the APRS/IAPR Best Paper Prize to

Leonard G. C. Hamey,

(Abeed Sarker, and Leonard Hamey)

from Macquarie University, Australia

Keynote Speakers


James Kwok (China)

Thomas Sikora (Germany)

Nico Karssemeijer (The Netherlands)