The slides of the Speakers can be downloaded now

Published in  2018-12-11 14:18:32       

We thank all the Speakers in ICPR 2018 a lot to allow the sharing the slides of their wonderful reports. Following are the links to download these reports:


The slide of Prof. Long QUAN(权龙) entitled: The challenges of 3D Reconstruction with Deep Learning


The slide of Dr. Jianchang Mao entitled: Achieving Human Parity Performance in Pattern Recognition and Language Understanding by Machines


The slide of Prof. Zhi-Hua Zhou entitled: An Exploration to non-NN style deep learning


The slide of Prof. Matti Kalevi Pietikäinen entitled: Face Analysis for Emotion AI


The slide of Prof. Kristen Grauman entitled: See, Hear, Move: Towards Embodied Visual Perception


The slide of Prof. Rita Cucchiara entitled: The Space, The Time and The People: a Journey In Re-Id, Tracking And