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ICPR 2008 Highlights

Thank you to all who contributed reviews of the Invited Talks presented at ICPR 2008.  Without you this Feature would not have been possible. 

~A. Branzan Albu, ed.

Feature Article

The Invited talks at ICPR2006 covered a wide variety of topics relevant to the IAPR Community.  The Feature Article in this issue of the IAPR Newsletter presents reviews of these talks.


Invited Talk 1—K.S. Fu Prize Lecture:

Data Clustering:  50 Years Beyond K-means

By Anil Jain (USA)

Reviewed by Alexandra Branzan Albu (Canada)


Invited Talk 2:

Towards Brain Computer Interfacing

By Klaus-Robert Müller (Germany)

Reviewed by Alexandra Branzan Albu (Canada)


Invited Talk 3:

Limitations of Content-based Image Retrieval

By Theo Pavlidis (USA)

Reviewed by Alexandra Branzan Albu (Canada)


Invited Talk 4:

Recent Developments in the Study of

Rapid Human Movements Using

Kinematic Theory

By Réjean Plamondon (Canada)

Reviewed by Frédéric Jean (Canada)


Invited Talk 5—J.K. Aggarwal Prize Lecture:

Pursuing Explicit and Implicit Manifolds

by Information Projection

By Song-Chun Zhu (USA)

Reviewed by Aveek Shankar Brahmachari (USA)



Invited Talk 6:

Getting the Big Picture from the Small

by (making) Sense of Direction

By Josef Bigun (Sweden)

Reviewed by Vasant Manohar (USA)


Invited Talk 7:

Hardware and Software Architectures for Secure Biometric Systems

By Barry W. Johnson (USA)

Reviewed by Vasant Manohar (USA)


Invited Talk 8:

Classifier Ensembles: 

Facts, Fiction, Faults, and Future

By Ludmila I. Kuncheva (UK)

Reviewed by Vasant Manohar (USA)


Award Winners:

Lists of 2008 IAPR Fellows and ICPR 2008Best Paper award recipients.

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Plenary talks

Links to slides from some of the plenary talks



Proceedings information

IEEE Catalog Number: CFP08182

ISBN: 978-1-4244-2175-6

ISSN: 1051-4651

Papers can be accessed through session links

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Best Paper Awards



ICPR Pictures


Congratulations to the

2008 IAPR Fellows

and to the recipients of the ICPR 2008

Best Paper Awards!


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