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Professor Mikio Takagi
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These messages are taken from the Message Board at the University of Tokyo web site.   www.tkl.iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp/~yasukawa/cgi-bin/takagi/light.cgi?page0=val

They were read at the Memorial Service held for Prof. Takagi on November 17, 2006.


A message from the IAPR Executive Committee appears in this issue’s From the ExCo column.

Prof. Takagi and IAPR Name: Gabriella Sanniti di Baja, Institute of Cybernetics, CNR, Italy Date: 2006/10/31(Tue) 18:04  

Knowing Prof. Takagi has been a great honour for me. I was already aware of his scientific achievements much before personally knowing him. We have been very often in touch through the IAPR in the period 1994-1998 when Prof. Takagi was one of the GB-members for Japan and I was the IAPR Secretary. In that period, I had the opportunity to appreciate, besides his scientific merits, also his wise suggestions. His death is a terrible loss for the scientific community and for IAPR.

Prof. Takagi's contributions to IEC Name: Jacquemart Charles, IEC, International Electrotechnical Commission Date: 2006/11/01(Wed) 18:43


During numerous years Professor Mikio Takagi has contributed in an exemplary manner to the development of international standards. In early years he was chief delegate of Japan to IEC technical committee 49, later on he became the secretary of this committee. He carried out this task with a lot of dedication. Professor Takagi was also actively involved in several other IEC technical committees. The IEC community will surely miss him for his profound knowledge and his great human qualities.

Prof. Takagi made MVA well-known in the world Name: Heinrich Niemann,Computer Science Dep. 5, Pattern Recognition, Erlangen, Germany Date: 2006/11/06(Mon) 20:07


Over the last 20 years Prof. Takagi has been the driving force and the leading spirit behind MVA, the IAPR Conference on Machine Vision Applications. He made it the renowned international event which is well-known in the world. I do not remember exactly when I met him first, perhaps at the ICPR 1978 in Kyoto; I remember many meetings and discussions with him on various occasions in various places in the world; and I do remember the last meeting during the MVA 2005 in Tsukuba. He was an exceptional person and a great scientist. His unexpected death is a tremendous loss; his name and achievements persist.

In memory of Prof Takagi Name: Bill Emery Date: 2006/11/07(Tue) 12:39


I remember Prof Takagi (I prefer to remember him as Mikio as I consider him a close friend and someone I could refer to in that way) most when he first turned up in Boulder to visit me during one of his many visits to the U.S. We shared a common interest in receiving, processing and distributing AVHRR data and exchanged ideas on how we did that. He visited my home more than once and we enjoyed his stays.

He also invited me to visit him in Japan on two different occasions and I remember working with his students and coworkers on various applications of AVHRR data. I still have a wonderful plaque in Japanese that he gave me after giving a seminar to people at his institute. I treasure that as well as my memory of a generous and active person that did a great deal to promote the use of satellite data world wide. We have lost a leader in that regard. I will miss his warm smile at meetings in the future.

In memory of Prof. Takagi Name: Matti Pietikainen, University of Oulu, Finland Date: 2006/11/10(Fri) 20:31


I have known Prof. Takagi personally since 1988, when I participated in the MVA
conference and also visited his lab. In 1989 he visited Oulu participating
in the Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis. Since then I met him several times
in the ICPR confenrences. I learned to know him as a great person and scientist.
His death is a terrible loss for the pattern recognition community.

Condolences from Kiyo Tomiyasu Name: Dr. Kiyo Tomiyasu, retired, Pomona, California, USA Date: 2006/11/11(Sat) 12:33  

The first time I met Professor Mikio Takagi was in 1983 in San Francisco, California while attending the 1983 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS). We met over lunch and the conversation lasted a long time during which Professor Takagi inquired if an IGARSS could ever be held in Japan. I anwered affirmatively, and he began dicussions in Japan on a proposed event. It must have been a tireless project for a first time ever IGARSS held outside the United States, which finally occurred 10 years later in 1993. I commend him for his foresight, diligence and dedication. I shall never forget these qualities. He will be greatly missed by his numerous friends and students.
He was elected to the Administative Committee of the iEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Sociey, and he attended every meeting of the Committee, where ever they were held. He was an admirable member of this Committee.
I last saw him in Seoul, Korea in 2005 while attending IGARSS there. He looked very healthy and I was glad to see him. We spent a little time reminiscing.
I send my very best regards to the family and relatives of Professor Mikio Takagi.

Memorial Services for Late Prof. Takagi Name: Dr. Mike C. Tsao Date: 2006/11/13(Mon) 14:29  

Dr. Mikio Takagi has made great contributions to the promotion of international harmonization for Nondestructive Testing Standards. For the past 20 years, as a member of the USA delegates to the ISO TC 135 meetings, I have fond memories to have worked with Dr. Takagi and all of the Japanese delegates. We have collaborated on developing two International Standards for ultrasonic testing (ISO STD 10375 and ISO STD 12715). In personal account, I enjoyed very much visiting his laboratory at the University of Tokyo in 1987 and his friendships all these years, especially his hospitalities in many occasions, such as at Vancouver (1999) and Madrid (2001). Dr. Mikio Takagi is missed enormously and will be remembered as one of the great leaders in the International Nondestructive Testing Standards Communities.

Mike C. Tsao, Ph.D. P.E.