News from the


Executive Committee

By Denis Laurendeau

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The last weeks have been very busy for the ExCo. A major task, that is about to be completed, was to set up the various committees. Again this time, the response from members of the pattern recognition community has been very positive, and IAPR committees will be constituted by very qualified individuals. The IAPR website will be updated regularly with the information on the membership of the committees.


The ExCo is about to finalize the agreement with Elsevier that was presented to the Governing Board at the last meeting in Hong Kong. The details of the agreement will be distributed to IAPR members as soon as the documents have been signed by all parties. The discussion with two other publishers is also under way.


The result of the Governing Board ballot for the nomination of the members of the K.S. Fu Prize Committee and of the Nominating Committee is completed. It is a pleasure to announce that Professor Josef Kittler has been elected Chair of the K.S. Fu Prize Committee for 2 years and member of the committee for 6 years. Professor Ruwai Dai has been elected member of the K.S. Fu Prize Committee for 6 years. With respect to the Nominating Committee, Drs. Walter Kropatsch, Aytul Ercil, Yoshiaki Shirai and Anil Jain have been elected members of the committee.


The memorial services for the Late Professor Mikio Takagi were held on November 17, 2006 at Hotel Floracion Aoyama in Tokyo. The organizers solicited commemorative messages (see In Memoriam in this issue) honoring Professor Takagi that were delivered to participants at the gathering. Through his scientific contributions on the application of digital image processing to many fields and by his participation in IAPR activities as IAPR Vice-President (1988-1990) and as Governing Board member for Japan (1982-1990),  Professor Takagi was a very active member of the pattern recognition community.