Workshop Schedule

ANNPR 2020 will take place as online event. We are going to create an immersive and engaging virtual conference experience for our participants and sponsors. We will use ZOOM and SLACK as videoconferencing and communication tools.

Wednesday, 02.09.2020

  • Welcome and technical remarks (F.-P. Schilling, T. Stadelmann)
  • Welcome by the Director of the ZHAW School of Engineering (D. Wilhelm)
  • Message from IAPR (E. Trentin)
10:00-10:50Keynote: Bernd Freisleben (Univ. Marburg): Deep Learning for Visual Computing
11:30-12:45Session: Foundations 1 (Neural Networks and Deep Learning)
  • 11:30 Abstract Echo State Networks (C. W. Senn and I. Kumazawa, Tokyo Inst. of Tech.)
  • 11:55 Structured (De)composable Representations Trained with Neural Networks (G. Spinks and M.-F. Moens, Katholieke Univ. Leuven)
  • 12:20 Improving Accuracy and Efficiency of Object Detection Algorithms using Multiscale Feature Aggregation Plugins (P. Rajput, S. Mittal and S. Narayan, Indian Inst. of Tech.)
14:30-15:45Session: Applications 1 (Computer Vision)
  • 14:30 How (Not) to Measure Bias in Face Recognition Networks (S. Glüge, M. Amirian, D. Flumini and T. Stadelmann, ZHAW)
  • 14:55 A deep learning approach for efficient registration of dual view mammography (S. Famouri, L. Morra and F. Lamberti, Politecnico di Torino)
  • 15:20 Going for 2D or 3D? Investigating various Machine Learning Approaches for Peach Variety Identification (A. Wróbel, G. Gygax, A. Schmid and T. Ott, ZHAW)
16:15-17:30Session: Applications 2 (Medical Applications)
  • 16:15 Applications of Generative Adversarial Networks to Dermatologic Imaging (F. Furger, L. Amruthalingam, A. Navarini and M. Pouly, Basel Univ. and HSLU)
  • 16:40 Pain Intensity Recognition - An Analysis of Short-Time Sequences in a Real-World Scenario (P. Bellmann, P. Thiam and F. Schwenker, Ulm Univ.)
  • 17:05 Deep Transfer Learning for Texture Classification in Colorectal Cancer Histology (S. Jayachandran and A. Ghosh, Robert Bosch India) - CANCELLED
17:30-18:30Virtual Apero

Thursday, 03.09.2020

09:00-09:50Keynote: Juergen Schmidhuber (IDSIA): Unsupervised Learning: Passive and Active
10:15-11:30Session: Foundations 2 (Sequence models and Kernel Machines)
  • 10:15 Long Distance Relationships without Time Travel: Boosting the Performance of a Sparse Predictive Autoencoder in Sequence Modeling (J. Gordon, D. Rawlinson and S. Ahmad, UC Berkeley)
  • 10:40 Minimal Complexity Support Vector Machines (S. Abe, Kobe Univ.)
  • 11:05 Named Entity Disambiguation at Scale (A. Aghaebrahimian and M. Cieliebak, ZHAW)
13:00-13:50Keynote: Pascal Paysan (Varian Medical Systems): Machine Learning Applications in Image Guided Radiation Therapy
13:50-15:05Session: Applied Research
  • 13:50 KP-YOLO: a modification of YOLO algorithm for keypoint based detection of QR-Codes (N. Hussain and C. Finelli, Icare Inst.)
  • 14:15 Geometric Attention for Prediction of Differential Properties in 3D Point Clouds (A. Matveev, A. Artemov, D. Zorin and E. Burnaev, Skolkovo Inst. of Sci. and Tech. and NYU)
  • 14:40 Using CNNs to optimize numerical simulations in geotechnical engineering (B. Wolf, J. Donzallaz, C. Jost, A. Hayoz, S. Commend, J. Hennebert and P. Kuonen, HES-SO)
15:30-16:15Industry Pitches
  • Introduction
  • CSEM, LeanBI, Microsoft, die Mobiliar, SBB, ScorePad, Turicode
16:15-17:45Industry Booths / Networking
17:45-18:30Virtual Lounge

Friday, 04.09.2020

09:00-09:50Keynote: Naftali Tishby (Hebrew Univ.): Global and Local Information Bottleneck Frameworks in Deep Learning
09:50-10:10Poster Pitches
10:10-11:00Poster Session
  • ML-Based Trading Models: An investigation during COVID-19 pandemic crisis (D. Hattab, Worldine)
  • Typing Plasmids with Distributed Sequence Representation (M. Kaufmann, M. Schüle, T. H. M. Smits and J. F. Pothier, ZHAW)
  • iNNvestigate-GUI - Explaining Neural Networks Through an Interactive Visualization Tool (F. Garcea, S. Famouri, D. Valentino, L. Morra and F. Lamberti, Politecnico di Torino)
  • Using Mask R-CNN for Image-Based Wear Classification of Solid Carbide Milling and Drilling Tools (J. Dalferth, S. Winkelmann and F. Schwenker, c-Com and Ulm Univ.)
11:30-12:45Session: Applications 3 (Sequence Models)
  • 11:30 A Hybrid Deep Learning Approach For Forecasting Air Temperature (G. Gygax and M. Schuele, ZHAW)
  • 11:55 A Transfer Learning End-to-End Arabic Text-To-Speech (TTS) Deep Architecture (F. Khalaf, H. Abbas and M. Khaleel, Ain Shams Univ.)
  • 12:20 Feature Extraction: A Time Window Analysis based on the X-ITE Pain Database (T. Ricken, A. Steinert, P. Bellmann, S. Walter and F. Schwenker, Ulm Univ.)
12:45-13:00Prizes / Closing
  • Awards Ceremony (Best paper/presentation prizes)
  • Closing