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Uppsala January 31, 2013

We hope that you enjoyed the ICPR 2012 in Tsukuba last November. The theme of this IAPR Newsletter is to report on the successful conference. We congratulate and thank the ICPR 2012 Organizing Committee for preparing the conference. The next edition of the conference, ICPR 2014, is the 22th in the series and will be held in Stockholm, Sweden, from August 24-28. Cancun in Mexico has been selected by the IAPR Governing Board as the venue for ICPR 2016.

It is my pleasure to welcome two new IAPR member societies:  the Macau Society of Pattern Recognition and Image Processing and the Uruguayan Association for Pattern Recognition. The memberships were approved at the last Governing Board meeting. Their contributions to the IAPR will be greatly appreciated. Herewith, our Association now consists of 45 member societies and the Governing Board has 59 members.

The IAPR financial situation continues to be good. Given this fortunate situation and that there was a large number of IAPR Stipend applications to attend ICPR in Tsukuba (accepting only 40 out of the 265), the Governing Board decided to increase the IAPR Stipend budget.

This is the first “From the ExCo” column written by the new Executive Committee. The new members of the ExCo are Kim Boyer (President), Tieniu Tan (1st Vice-President), Apostolos Antonacopoulos (2nd Vice-President), Aytul Ercil (Treasurer), Ingela Nyström (Secretary), and Denis Laurendeau (Past President). We look forward to working with the IAPR community for the next two years. We extend our warmest thanks to the past Past President Brian Lovell for his work as member of the ExCo. Although he is no longer an ExCo member, we are convinced that he will continue to participate in IAPR activities.

The newly appointed ExCo has started to work on a number of issues. One task in the months after ICPR is to set up the standing committees and to appoint Technical Committee chairs for this new term. According to IAPR's Constitution and Bylaws, the Nominating Committee, the King Sun Fu Prize Committee, and the J. K. Aggarwal Prize Committee need a vote by the Governing Board. The ballot will be initiated soon, and we will report on its result in a future issue of the newsletter. All committee members will be listed at the  IAPR web site,, after appointment.

In fact, we encourage you to visit the IAPR web site on a regular basis. There is plenty of information there to be found thanks to our webmaster Edward Sobczak. Even though 2013 is not an ICPR year, there are many other conferences and workshops taking place that are supported by IAPR. Go to, where you can find all upcoming IAPR-supported conferences, workshops and summer schools. In fact, there are a number of meetings with submission deadline within the next few months, for example, the Biometrics Summer School 2013, ICIAP 2013, GREC 2013, CAIP 2013, ACPR 2013, and CIARP 2013.

I hope you enjoy reading this edition of the IAPR Newsletter, professionally put together by the newly appointed  Editor-in-Chief Arjan Kuijper and Layout Editor Linda O’Gorman. We also welcome Zeeshan Zia the new Associate Editor for Book Reviews. We take this opportunity to sincerely thank to Alexandra Branzan Albu for her excellent work over the past years as editor of the Newsletter. From the ExCo, we extend to you our best wishes for a successful 2013!

News from the


Executive Committee



by Ingela Nyström (Sweden)

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Executive Committee:

2nd Vice President: 

Apostolos Antonacopoulos (UK)

Past President:  Denis Laurendeau (Canada)

President:  Kim Boyer (USA)

Secretary:  Ingela Nyström (Sweden)

Treasurer:  Aytül Erçil (Turkey)


1st Vice President: 

Tieniu Tan (China)