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Feature Article

Congratulations to the

2012 IAPR Fellows

and to the recipients of

Awards at ICPR 2012

The Feature Article in this issue of the IAPR Newsletter presents abstracts from the plenary talks, and lists of IAPR award winners.


Plenary Talk Abstracts:

K. S. Fu Prize Lecture:

Dictionaries, Manifolds and Domain Adaptation Methods: New Solutions to Old Problems in Pattern Recognition

By Rama Chellappa, IAPR Fellow (USA)


J. K. Aggarwal Prize Lecture:

Generalized Principal Component Analysis (GPCA) and Sparse Subspace Clustering (SSC)

By Ren Vidal (USA)


Keynote Lecture:

First-Person Vision

By Takeo Kanade (Japan)


Invited Talk Abstracts:

Pursuit of Low-dimensional Structures in High-dimensional Data

By Yi Ma (China)


Interest Points Detectors and Descriptors in Image Recognition

By Krystian Mikolajczyk (UK)


Patient and Process Specific Imaging and Visualization for

Computer Assisted Interventions

By Nassir Navab (Germany)


Three Approaches of Scene Text Recognition:

An informal comparison on difficult images

By Jin Hyung Kim (Korea)


Banquet Opening Remarks


2012 IAPR Fellows


ICPR 2012 Paper Awards

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ICPR 2012 Highlights


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