Lecture Series

with presentations by winners of the

K.S. Fu Prize

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The University of Notre Dame is pleased to announce that it will host a series of six seminars during the Fall Semester, presented by previous recipients of the KS Fu Prize. All lectures are open to the public and anyone interested is welcome to attend. It is planned to record the lectures and make them available online, possibly in form of webinars.


More information on the seminar series, including time, lecture rooms, how to get there, and how to access the recordings will be made available at: _Prize_Seminars.



Horst Bunke

Prof. Emeritus, University of Bern

Melchor Visiting Professor, Fall Semester 2012

University of Notre Dame

Kevin Bowyer

Schubmehl-Prein Professor and Chair

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

University of Notre Dame

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