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Uppsala, September 30, 2011

Between ICPRs the Executive Committee has one physical meeting. Traditionally, this meeting is hosted by the Past President. On August 8-9, we visited Professor Brian Lovell at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. On the agenda was to check the current status of the Standing and Technical Committees, review the finances, and discuss many other issues. As input to this meeting, we had received mid-term reports from the various committees with many activities reported and suggestions for further actions.

Some of the things we discussed thoroughly were:

· the scholarship program suggested at the GB meeting in Istanbul (the Education Committee is asked to prepare a proposal);

· how IAPR can be made more visible via the publications linked to IAPR (agreements with the publishers should be reviewed);

· the financial risk of organising a conference (an insurance policy should be available);

· and the status of upcoming ICPRs. Please, read IAPR President Denis Laurendeau's message in this Newsletter, where the ExCo supports ICPR 2012 in Tsukuba. The organisers are encouraged to continue their excellent work.

In this edition of the IAPR Newsletter, we are "Getting to Know" Professor Sergey Ablameyko who brought the Belarusian member society to IAPR. He has served on the Executive Committe and other IAPR committees for a number of years. Since 2008, he is the Rector of the Belarusian State University in Minsk. Due to this prestigious office, he has not been able to contribute to IAPR activities as much, but I know that Sergey continues to strongly support IAPR and our community. This was clear to me when I participated in the 10th International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Information Processing organised by his research group. Enjoy reading his text.

Please, find various information in this newsletter and visit the IAPR webpage for additional IAPR-related information.

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