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Dear Member of IAPR Community,

The sad events that happened in Japan in the Spring of 2011 have raised many concerns on the organization of the next ICPR2012 in Tsukuba on November 11-15, 2012.

The ExCo has monitored the unfolding of events since then and has been in contact with the ICPR Liaison Committee and the ICPR2012 Organizing Committee.

The IAPR ExCo held its mid-term meeting in Brisbane, Australia on August 8-9, 2011. The organization of the next ICPR in 2012 in Tsukuba was discussed at length by the ExCo.

In addition to the usual issues raised by the organization of an event the size of the ICPR, the ExCo has also taken into account additional issues such as the living conditions (power outage, food supplies, radiation levels, etc.) in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami in its appraisal of the situation in the Tokyo/Tsukuba area and on the opportunity to hold the next ICPR in this part of the world.

Based on the content of the progress report submitted by the ICPR 2012 Organizing Committee, the thorough analysis of this report that was made by the ICPR Liaison Committee, and the complementary information provided by the ICPR 2012 Organizing Committee to the ICPR Liaison Committee on a number of issues (including living conditions in the Tsukuba/Tokyo area), the ExCo has concluded that the organizing process is going well and that solutions to the remaining issues should be found in the near future.

The ExCo wishes to inform the IAPR community of its decision to support the ICPR 2012 Organizing Committee and to maintain Tsukuba as the venue for ICPR 2012, as approved by the GB at its meeting in Tampa. Members of the IAPR community are invited to participate actively in the conference by submitting papers and attending the conference.

The IAPR ExCo provides its full support to the ICPR 2012 Organizing Committee and encourages its members to continue as planned with the organizing process.

The work conducted by the ICPR 2012 Organizing Committee in very difficult professional and personal situations is very much appreciated by the ExCo. The Organizing Committee is invited to maintain regular contact with the ICPR Liaison Committee and the ExCo as the organization process evolves.


Denis Laurendeau

IAPR President

A Special Message from the IAPR President

About ICPR 2012

by Denis Laurendeau, IAPR President (Canada)

Position of the IAPR ExCo on the next ICPR2012 in Tsukuba