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J.K. Aggarwal Prize


IAPR Fellow Awards

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Call for Nominations for the

J. K. Aggarwal Prize


Deadline for Submission of Nomination and

Endorsement Forms is April 12, 2012


The International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR) is pleased to announce a call for nominations for the third J.K. Aggarwal Prize in honor of Professor J.K. Aggarwal. Professor Aggarwal is widely recognized for his extensive contributions to the field of pattern recognition and for his participation in IAPRís activities.

The recipient is a young scientist, under the age of 40 at the date of the deadline for nominations, who has brought a substantial contribution to a field that is relevant to the IAPR community and whose research work has had a major impact on the field. The prize consists of a cash amount and a suitably inscribed certificate.

The prize recipient shall be selected by the J. K. Aggarwal Prize Committee, subject to approval by the IAPR Governing Board, upon nomination by a member of a national member society of IAPR and by endorsement of four members, representing at least two member societies different from that of the nominators and nominee.

Members of the IAPR Executive Committee, as well as of the J.K. Aggarwal Prize Committee, shall be ineligible for the prize and may not serve as nominators or endorsers.

The 2012 prize will be presented at the

21st International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR)

Tsukuba, Japan

November 11-15, 2012

The prize recipient is expected to present an invited talk at the conference.

The nomination must be made on special nomination and the endorsement forms, and must be received no later than April 11, 2012. Both completed nomination and endorsement forms must be submitted in electronic form. The nominator as well as endorsers should email their completed forms directly to the Appointed Chairman of the J.K. Aggarwal Prize Committee via the specified email address:

Song-Chun Zhu Chair, J.K. Aggarwal Prize Committee

8125 Math Science Bldg. Box 951554

University of California, Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA 90095


email: sczhu@stat.ucla.edu


J. K. Aggarwal Prize Nomination Forms:

Endorsement Form (.doc)

Nomination Form (.doc)

Call for Nominations:†

IAPR Fellow Award


Deadline for Submission of Nomination and Endorsement Forms is January 28, 2012


We welcome nominations for the award of FIAPR. Anyone is eligible to be nominated, except for the current members of the Executive Committee and of the Fellow Committee.

To initiate a nomination, a nominator must submit an IAPR Fellow Nomination Form. Any member of an IAPR Member Society can serve as nominator, except for the nominee him/herself and the current members of the Fellow Committee.

Each nomination must be endorsed by at least one recommendation letter (submitted Endorsement Form), either from a member of an IAPR Member Society (different from the nominator) or from an IAPR Fellow.

Electronic Nomination and Endorsement forms should be submitted no later than January 28, 2012

Each electronic submission will be acknowledged by an email containing the submitted form. In case of difficulty please address your data and the problem encountered through email to the chair of the Fellow Committee, Mark Nixon,

To: msn@ecs.soton.ac.uk

Subject: IAPR fellowship 2012

CC: iaprwebmaster@cedar.buffalo.edu


For detailed information about the nomination and the endorsement please download these instructions. Electronic versions of the nomination forms are also available.

IAPR appreciates your efforts to support our fellowship program!