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NOTE:  This is not an exhaustive list of conferences. It is a list of conferences sponsored or endorsed by IAPR plus additional conferences that have been brought to the attention of the editor (these non-IAPR events are denoted with an *). The IAPR web site has more up-to-date information about IAPR conferences. Additional conferences that may be of interest to the IAPR Community can be found at USC’s Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems list of Computer Vision Conferences.

(A. Branzan Albu, ed.)

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Highlighting indicates that paper submission deadline has not yet passed.

An asterisk * denotes a non-IAPR event.


CAIP 2011

Report on CAIP ‘09

14th International Conference of

Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns

Seville, Spain

29-31 Aug 11

IMVIP 2011 *


Irish Machine Vision and Image Processing Conference 2011

Dublin, Ireland

7-9 Sep 11

ICIAP 2011

Report on ICIAP 2009

16th International Conference on

Image Analysis and Processing

Ravenna, Italy

14-16 Sep 11

GREC 2011

Report on GREC 2009

9th IAPR International Workshop on

Graphics Recognition

Soeul, Korea

15-16 Sep 11

PSL 2011


1st Workshop on Partially Supervised Learning

Ulm, Germany

15-16 Sep 11

ICDAR 2011

Report on ICDAR 2009

11th International Conference on

Document Analysis and Recognition

Beijing, China

18-21 Sep 11

ISVC11 *


7th International Symposium on Visual Computing

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

26-28 Sep 11



1st International Workshop on

Similarity-Based Pattern Analysis and Recognition

Venice, Italy

28-30 Sep 11

IJCB 2011

Report on ICB 2009


Report on BTAS 2010

IEEE/IAPR International Joint Conference on Biometrics


Joint editionof:

Interantional Conference on Biometrics and

Biometrics Theory, Application, and Systems confereence

Washington, DC, USA

11-13 Oct 11

CIARP 2011

Report on CIARP 2010

16th Iberoamerican Congress on

Pattern Recognition

Pucón, Chile

15-18 Nov 11

ACPR 2011


First Asian Conference on Pattern Recognition

Beijing, China

28-30 Nov 11

DICTA 2011


Report on DICTA 2010

International Conference on

Digital Image Computing: 

Techniques and Applications

Noosa, Queensland, Australia

6-8 Dec 11


CTIC 2012 *


4th International Workshop on Computational Topology in Image Context

Bertinoro, Italy

6-8 Feb 12

DAS 2012

Report on DAS 2010

10th IAPR International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

27-29 Mar 12


Report on ICB 2009

5th International Conference on Biometrics

New Delhi, India

30 Mar-1 Apr 12

ICFHR 2012

Report on ICFHR 2010

13th International Conference on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition

Bari, Italy

Sep 12

ICPR 2012

ICPR 2010 Special Issue

21st International Conference on

Pattern Recognition

Tsukuba Science City, Japan

11-15 Nov 12