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This is the first “From the ExCo” column from me. I am very honoured to have been elected IAPR Secretary for this term. I have been involved in the IAPR since I became Governing Board member representing the Swedish Society for Automated Image Analysis (SSBA) in 2002. The insights I have gained into the Association during these years are manifold, one of the strongest being my wish to become further involved and to spread knowledge about IAPR.

Let me encourage you to visit the IAPR webpage on a regular basis. There is plenty of information there to be found. Even though 2011 is not an ICPR year, there are many other conferences taking place, which are sponsored and endorsed by IAPR. Go to, where you can find the most current list of upcoming conferences. In fact, there are a number of conferences with submission deadlines within the next few months, for example, MCPR 2011, ICDAR 2011, ICIAP 2011, CAIP 2011, , CIARP 2011, GREC 2011, and IJCB 2011 (see the CFP section in this issue).

The newly appointed IAPR Standing Committees and Technical Committees are listed at We thank the members of these committees for accepting to contribute to the development of the association. IAPR would be nothing without these voluntary efforts. For the Nominating Committee, the King-Sun Fu Prize Committee, and the J.K. Aggarwal Prize Committee; the members were nominated by the President and elected by the Governing Board in a ballot.

The ExCo has noted that the number of prizes for best papers has increased significantly in recent years, both for conferences sponsored or endorsed by the IAPR as well as for the ICPR. The ExCo has also noted that there is a wide variability in the procedure for the selection of recipients of these prizes. According to the ExCo, this variability serves these prizes poorly and lowers their prestige. The Advisory Committee, chaired by Professor Herb Freeman, IAPR Fellow, has been entrusted with a mandate to define a generic procedure to be followed for the selection of best papers, which aims to avoid conflict of interest situations as one of the issues.

It is my pleasure to welcome two new IAPR member Societies, the Argentine Association of Pattern Recognition and the Iranian Society of Machine Vision and Image Processing, respectively. The memberships were approved at the last Governing Board meeting held in Istanbul in conjunction with ICPR 2010. Their contributions to the IAPR will be greatly appreciated. Herewith, our Association now consists of 43 member societies and the Governing Board has 58 members.  Please visit the IAPR web site to see the full list or member organizations and their contact information

I hope you enjoy reading this Winter edition of the IAPR Newsletter, professionally put together by the editors Alexandra Branzan Albu, Arjan Kuijper, and Linda O’Gorman. From the ExCo, we extend to you our best wishes for a successful 2011!

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