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IWCF 2010, co-sponsored by IAPR TC-6 and Hitachi Ltd., was held in November 11 and 12, 2010. The workshop took place in conjunction with the 16th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Association of Forensic Science. The venue, Aoyama, is a largely up-market youth-orientated shopping and cultural area of Tokyo.

IWCF 2010 was the fourth workshop in the series. Previous workshops were held in The Hague, The Netherlands (2009), Washington D.C., USA (2008), and Manchester, UK (2007). Once again, IWCF 2010 attempted to bring together academics and industrialists, theoreticians and practitioners from numerous related disciplines involved in computational forensics. The preliminary call for papers was issued in September 2009. Each of the submitted manuscripts received from 10 countries was peer-reviewed by members of the program committee. Of these 16 papers were selected for oral presentation. The presentations covered a wide range of computational forensics related to authentication, document, face, footwear, fingerprints, multi-media, and evaluation tools. The workshop could provide active interactions between participants.

This time, we were honored to have two renowned researchers as IAPR distinguished speakers: “Gestalt Laws of Vision in Computational Forensics - Friend or Foe?” by Professor Mario Köppen, Network Design and Research Centre, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan and “Physical Security Technologies at Hitachi” by Dr. Minoru Sakairi, Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd., Japan.

Finally, we would like to express our sincere thanks to participants, reviewers, members of the Program Committee and the Organizing Committee for their various contributions. We are very much looking forward to the next IWCF 2011 which will be held in Bern, Switzerland.

Workshop Report: IWCF 2010

Report prepared by Hiroshi Sako and Katrin Franke

Text Box: 4th IAPR International Workshop on Computational Forensics

November 11-12, 2010
Tokyo, Japan
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Hiroshi Sako (Japan)

Katrin Franke (Norway)

Shuji Saitoh (Japan)

IWCF2010 participants at the lobby of the hotel in Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan