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2010 IAPR Fellows

The prestigious IAPR Fellow Award was introduced in 1994 and since then is biennially conferred on persons to acknowledge their distinguished contributions to the field of pattern recognition and to IAPR activities.


According to the Constitution and Bylaws of IAPR, the number of fellows elected every two years must not exceed 0.25% of the total IAPR membership.  Both service to IAPR and scientific contributions to the field of pattern recognition are taken into account in the selection process.


The IAPR Fellow Committee is in solicits nominations of high quality and performs the selection process.


The 2010 IAPR Fellow Committee:

Walter Kropatsch, IAPR Fellow (Chair)

Bhabatosh Chanda, IAPR Fellow

Ranga Kasturi, IAPR Fellow

Seong-Whan Lee, IAPR Fellow

Mark Nixon, IAPR Fellow

Gabriella Sanniti Di Baja, IAPR Fellow


Timothy Francis Cootes

For contributions to the development of

statistical models of shape and appearance


Gian Luca Foresti

For contributions to image processing and pattern recognition in

video surveillance systems


Dmitry B. Goldgof

For contributions to computer vision, pattern recognition, and

biomedical engineering


Lawrence O’Higgins Hall

For contributions to approximate knowledge integration into learning


Jianying Hu

For contributions to pattern recognition methodologies and applications and service to IAPR


John Illingworth

For contributions to image processing and computer vision


Fumitaka Kimura

For contributions to handwriting recognition and its applications


Malay Kumar Kundu

For outstanding contributions in the development of theory, techniques, and applications of image processing using soft computing and related mathematical methods


Xuelong Li

For contributions to pattern recognition and image analysis


Wenyin Liu

For contributions to graphics recognition, performance evaluation,

document analysis, and approaches to anti-phishing and service to IAPR


Jiebo Luo

For contributions to contextual inference in semantic understanding of images and video


Davide Maltoni

For contributions to biometrics and fingerprint recognition


Majid Mirmehdi

For contributions to image understanding and computer vision and

service to IAPR


Shigeru Sasaki

For contributions to image processing and its applications in industry


Raimondo Schettini

For contributions to pattern recognition research and color image analysis


Mohan Manubhai Trivedi

For contributions to vision systems for situational awareness,

intelligent robotics, and human-centered vehicle safety systems


Richard Charles Wilson

For contributions to structural pattern recognition