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Feature Article


Thank you to all who contributed reviews of the Invited Talks presented at ICPR 2010.  Without you this Feature would not have been possible. 

~A. Branzan Albu, ed.

Congratulations to the

2010 IAPR Fellows

and to the recipients of

Awards at ICPR 2010


Proceedings are available through IEEEXplore

The Feature Article in this issue of the IAPR Newsletter presents ICPR 2010 statistics, impressions, reviews of the invited talks, and lists of IAPR award winners.


ICPR 2010 Facts and Figures


ICPR 2010 Impressions:  Amazing Istanbul


K.S. Fu Prize Lecture:

Towards the Unification of Structural and Statistical Pattern Recognition

By Horst Bunke, IAPR Fellow (Switzerland)

Reviewed by Cem Keskin (Turkey)



J.K. Aggarwal Prize Lecture:

Scene and Object Recognition in Context

By Antonio Torralba (USA)

Reviewed bOya Çeliktutan (Turkey)



Embracing Uncertainty: 

The New Machine Intelligence

By Christopher M. Bishop (UK)

Reviewed by Cem Keskin (Turkey)



Computational Cameras: 

Redefining the Image

By Shree K. Nayar (USA)

Reviewed by Yasemin Yardimci Cetin (Turkey)



The Quantitative Analysis of User Behavior Online Data, Models and Algorithms

By Prabhakar Raghavan (USA)

Reviewed by Hülya Yalçin (USA)



Award Winners:

2010 IAPR Fellows


ICPR 2010 award recipients

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