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Book Reviews Published in the IAPR Newsletter


Handbook of Texture Analysis

by Majid Mirmehdi, Xianghua Xie, and Jasjit Suri, editors

(reviewed in this issue)


Markov Random Field Modeling in Image Analysis

By Stan Z. Li

(reviewed in this issue)


Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks

by B.D. Ripley

Jul ‘09   [html]    [pdf]


Close Range Photogrammetry:  Principles, Methods, and Applications

by Luhmann, Robson, Kyle, and Harley

Oct ‘08  [html]    [pdf]


Classification and Learning Using Genetic Algorithms: Applications in Bioinformatics and Web Intelligence

by Bandyopadhyay and Pal

Oct ‘08  [html]    [pdf]


Learning Theory: An Approximation Theory Viewpoint

by Cucker and Zhou

Oct ‘08  [html]    [pdf]


Character Recognition Systems—A Guide for Students and Practitioners

by Cheriet, Kharma, Liu, and Suen

Oct ‘08  [html]    [pdf]


Geometry of Locally Finite Spaces

by Kovalevsky

Oct ‘08  [html]    [pdf]


Machine Learning in Document Analysis and Recognition

by Marinai and  Fujisawa (Editors)

Oct ‘08  [html]    [pdf]


From Gestalt Theory to Image Analysis—A Probabilistic Approach

By Desolneux, Moisan, and Morel

Oct ‘08  [html]    [pdf]


Numerical Recipes:  The art of scientific computing, 3rd ed.

by Press, Teukolsky, Vetterling and Flannery

Jul ‘08   [html]    [pdf]


Feature Extraction and Image Processing, 2nd ed.

by Nixon and Aguado

Jul ‘08   [html]    [pdf]


Digital Watermarking and Steganography:Fundamentals and Techniques

by Shih

Jul ‘08   [html]    [pdf]


Springer Handbook of Speech Processing

by Benesty, Sondhi, and Huang, eds.

Jul ‘08   [html]    [pdf]


Digital Image Processing: An Algorithmic Introduction Using Java

by Burger and Burge

Jul ‘08   [html]    [pdf]


Bzier and Splines in Image Processing and Machine Vision

by Biswas and Lovell

Jul ‘08   [html]    [pdf]


Practical Algorithms for Image Analysis, 2 ed.

by  O’Gorman, Sammon and Seul

Apr ‘08  [html]    [pdf]


The Dissimilarity Representation for Pattern Recognition:  Foundations and Applications

by Pekalska and Duin

Apr ‘08  [html]    [pdf]


Handbook of Biometrics

by Jain, Flynn, and Ross (Editors)

Apr ‘08  [html]    [pdf]


Advances in Biometrics –

Sensors, Algorithms, and Systems

by Ratha and Govindaraju, (Editors)

Apr ‘08  [html]    [pdf]


Dynamic Vision for Perception and Control of Motion

by Dickmanns

Jan ‘08  [html]    [pdf]



by Polanski and Kimmel

Jan ‘08  [html]    [pdf]


Introduction to clustering large and high-dimensional data

by Kogan

Jan ‘08  [html]    [pdf]


The Text Mining Handbook

by Feldman and Sanger

Jan ‘08  [html]    [pdf]


Information Theory, Inference,

and Learning Algorithms

by Makay

Jan ‘08  [html]    [pdf]


Geometric Tomography

by Gardner

Oct ‘07  [html]    [pdf]


“Foundations and Trends in Computer Graphics and Vision”

Curless, Van Gool, and Szeliski., Editors

Oct ‘07  [html]    [pdf]


Applied Combinatorics on Words

by M. Lothaire

Jul ‘07   [html]    [pdf]



Human Identification Based on Gait

by Nixon, Tan and Chellappar

Apr ‘07  [html]    [pdf]


Mathematics of Digital Images

by Stuart Hogan

Apr ‘07  [html]    [pdf]


Advances in Image and Video Segmentation

Zhang, Editor

Jan ‘07 [html]    [pdf]


Graph-Theoretic Techniques for Web Content Mining

by Schenker, Bunke, Last and Kandel

Jan ‘07 [html]    [pdf]


Handbook of Mathematical Models in Computer Vision

by Paragios, Chen, and Faugeras (Editors)

Oct ‘06  [html]    [pdf]


The Geometry of Information Retrieval

by van Rijsbergen

Oct ‘06  [html]    [pdf]


Biometric Inverse Problems

by Yanushkevich, Stoica, Shmerko and Popel

Oct ‘06  [html]    [pdf]


Correlation Pattern Recognition

by Kumar, Mahalanobis, and Juday

Jul. ‘06  [html]    [pdf]


Pattern Recognition 3rd Edition

by Theodoridis and Koutroumbas

Apr. ‘06             [html]    [pdf]


Dictionary of Computer Vision and

Image Processing

by R.B. Fisher, et. Al

Jan. ‘06             [html]    [pdf]


Kernel Methods for Pattern Analysis

by Shawe-Taylor and Cristianini

Oct. ‘05             [html]    [pdf]


Machine Vision Books

Jul. ‘05  [html]    [pdf]


CVonline:  an overview

Apr. ‘05 [html] [pdf]


The Guide to Biometrics by Bolle, et al

Jan. ‘05 [html] [pdf]


Pattern Recognition Books

Jul. ‘04 [pdf]