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Alexandra asked me to briefly introduce myself as the new associate editor for book reviews—so let’s give it a not-too-boring try. I did an MSc in applied math at Twente University in the Netherlands, with a thesis on image enhancement using partial differential equations at the Dutch Forensic Laboratory (1995). After a short period in industry  as software engineer for handheld computers issuing parking fines. (I made a lot of friends there!) I did a PhD at Utrecht University on image understanding using Gaussian scale space with some medical context (under supervision of IAPR Fellow Viergever; 2002).

I then moved to Denmark, were I was an assistant research professor at the IT University in Copenhagen, working on shapes, symmetry sets, and medial axes. After three years, it was time to move again—this time to Austria, as senior researcher at the Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics (RICAM) in Linz, a part of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Here I continued my work on image processing and understanding using PDEs (and got to know IAPR Fellow Kropatch —Fellows are everywhere!  Get to know IAPR Fellow Aggarwal in related article in this issue).

One year ago, I started as research coach at Fraunhofer IGD (and external lecturer at the Technical University Darmstadt) in Darmstadt, Germany (see related article). It basically means that I supervise employees who are in a PhD track, and help them with publishing papers & writing their theses.

Why the BooksBooksBooks?

I had the privilege to travel around a bit, see different universities, countries, and IAPR member societies. And yes, the Dutch, Danish, Austrian, and German ones are all different, but they share the philosophy that researchers in Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, and Image Processing need each other (guess they checked !). Of course, conferences like the ICPR and the ones organised by the national chapters are extremely important in getting to know each other better.

Just as import is to learn what is happening in pattern recognition and allied branches. Besides proceedings, books are an essential tool in this process. Obviously, getting to know a related research area better by “randomly” reading books that describe it, is a sub-optimal solution.

I therefore appreciate the IAPR newsletter with its three main parts:

· INSIDE the IAPR where you can read more about “hot issues”.

· Conference and workshop reports, giving insight in what IAPR is all about—and in which proceedings you can read more about the state of the art.

· BooksBooksBooks, where your colleagues review new books—with very likely more relevant information than the back cover of the book, or the publisher’s advertisement.

I’m looking forward to serving you by coordinating reviews of books that describe a variety of interesting topics. And of course: if you know a book you’d like to review: let me know!


Associate Editor for Book Reviews




Arjan Kuijper (Germany)


Home page:

Please see Arjan’s Feature article on Fraunhofer IGD in this issue.

~Alexandra Branzan Albu, ed.