The IAPR Newsletter is looking for reviewers for the books listed below.


If you have interest and some knowledge in the topic, email us with your mailing address.  We will send you a copy of the book—which you may keep—and will expect in return a review for the Newsletter

Arjan Kuijper, IAPR Newsletter Associate Editor for Book Reviews



The following titles are available to be reviewed:


Statistical Learning and Pattern Analysis for Image and Video Processing

Series: Advances in Pattern Recognition

Zheng, Nanning, Xue, Jianru
2009, Approx. 370 p. 102 illus., 74 in color., Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-84882-311-2


Algebraic Geometry and Statistical Learning Theory

Series:  Cambridge Monographs on Applied and Computational Mathematics

Watanabe, Sumio

2009, Approx. 276 pages

ISBN:  978--0-521-86467-1

Publisher’s web page:

Author’s web page:






The following titles are also due to be published very soon:


Fundamentals of Computerized Tomography Image Reconstruction from Projections

Series: Advances in Pattern Recognition

Herman, Gabor T.

Originally published by Academic Press, 1980

2nd ed., 2009, XII, 300 p. 98 illus., Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-85233-617-2


Guide to OCR for Indic Scripts
Document Recognition and Retrieval

Series: Advances in Pattern Recognition

Govindaraju, Venu; Setlur, Srirangaraj (Eds.)
2009, XXI, 325 p. 161 illus., 11 in color., Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-84800-329-3

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■ Cognitive scientists (psychologists, neuroscientists, computer scientists, philosophers, etc.).

■ Persons receptive to new types of software applications  (CIOs. seeking mission support software; people who use -or could use - data tables for analyzing....well, anything; technical writers, technical magazines, software reviewers, etc).

■ Entrepreneurs (software publishers, application developers, venture  capitalists, angels, etc.).

This is an invitation to the first 2 groups above to review, then critique, an innovative mind-centered analytic methodology for data discovery in data tables, also evidence marshaling. Automated permutation, and much more, help the user perceive both desired and unexpected information in the varied arrangements of parameter values on the table; and the shifting order of items on the table supports development of alternate hypotheses regarding sequences. The software is a cognitive tool used to shape and reshape, in real time, the imaged data to reflect the users reasoning. A cognitive scientist wrote this about the process, "...the genius of your methodology."


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