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Free Books!


IAPR Newsletter is looking for a reviewer for the book listed below.


If you have interest and some knowledge in the topic, email us with your mailing address.  We will send you a copy of the book—which you may keep—and will expect in return a review for the Newsletter


Alexandra Branzan Albu, IAPR Newsletter Editor



The Handbook of Texture Analysis, Mirmehdi, Xie, and Suri, eds. (Imperial College Press, Dec 2008)

Publishers web site:  www.icpress.co.uk/compsci/p547.html


for a proposed book:

Advances in Pattern Recognition and Machine Vision—Principles and Applications


May, 2010, marks the 25th anniversary of Professor King-Sun Fu's passing away.  Prof. Fu was a pioneer in pattern recognition research and was one of the founders of IAPR and served as its first president.

An edited book is being prepared in honor of Prof. Fu, and you are most welcome to join this project by contributing a chapter/paper.


The tentative title of the book is: Pattern Recognition, Machine Vision, Principles and Applications. Topics include, but are not limited to, Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligent, Machine Vision, Imaging Processing, Biometrics, Personal Identification and Security, Machine Learning, and Cybernetics.  The proposed book is to have a wide audience, including those in academia, industry, business application, and government laboratories.  Each chapter will cover background on the topic and the major research results. 


The following is the planned schedule:

March 5, 2009:                        Title/abstract of the paper

June15, 2009 :                        first draft of the paper (limited to 15 pages single space, including figures, tables, and references).

September 1, 2009 :             2nd draft of the paper

December 1, 2009:                Final draft due



Please kindly reply by March 5, 2009 to Prof. Patrick S.P. Wang (USA) pwang@ccsc.neu.edu


[ ] Yes, I accept your invitation: Name, affiliation, email/telephone, and proposed chapter topic/title

[ ] No, sorry I cannot accept your invitation, but would like to recommend the following professional(s):

Name, affiliation, contact email/telephone.


An early response from authors is greatly appreciated.