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I had some ideas for your consideration.

1. You may know Prof. Bob Duin's web ( It is no longer being updated, but I believe if the PR community can have such a website, it will be great. A similar one for computer vision community is (

2. e-letter can be subscribed by any confirmed user. Let's share the information of job openings, conference CFP, new publication (article, book), software, etc. through the Newsletter.

3. The current E-letter may be changed to an e-journal. As an e-journal, it could be different from IAPR’s other journals. I suggest a combination of peer-review and an opened public-review and a submission with data and code. With data and code, the e-journal may attract more attention. There could be some concerns about the IP. The code does not have to be source code. It could be executable only.

4. A forum for (registered) people to discuss and exchange technical information. Dr. Blur (the editor-in-chief of Journal Information Fusion) created a PR club on Yahoo, but it is not that active.

These ideas have been in my mind for some time, and I just wanted to pass them along. 



Zheng Liu
Ph.D., P.Eng., Research Officer

Institute for Research in Construction National Research Council
Canada 1200 Montreal Road, Building M-20

Ottawa, Ontario, K1A0R6
Tel: (613) 993-3806     Fax:(613) 993-1866
E-mail: or

Zheng Liu is with the Institute for Research in Construction National Research Council, and also contributed a book review (Classification and Learning Using Genetic Algorithms: Applications in Bioinformatics and Web Intelligence) to this issue of the Newsletter. 


In the course of our correspondence regarding that book review, Zheng also passed along these ideas for ways to improve communication in the Pattern Recognition community.

~L. O’Gorman, Ed.

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