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ICPR 2008 will be an international forum for discussions on recent advances in the fields of

Computer vision

Pattern recognition (theory, methods and algorithms),

Image, speech and signal analysis,

Multimedia and video analysis,


Document analysis, and

Bioinformatics and biomedical applications.

S+SSPR 2008
Orlando, Florida

4-6 December 2008

7 December 2008

PRRS 2008
Tampa, Florida

8-11 December 2008

ICPR 2008
Tampa, Florida

The Joint IAPR International Workshops on

Structural and Syntactic Pattern Recognition


Statistical Techniques in Pattern Recognition aim at promoting interaction and collaboration not only among researchers working directly in areas mentioned but also among those in other fields who use statistical, structural or syntactic techniques extensively.

Held in conjunction with the most important IAPR event, the biennial International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2008), the Pattern Recognition in Remote Sensing workshop has established itself as an important event for scientists involved in the combined fields of pattern recognition and remote sensing.

These two research fields have always overlapped, but the large volumes of remote sensing data now coming from last generation sensors require new advanced algorithms and techniques for automatic analysis. This one-day workshop will be the ideal means to spread and exchange experiences by international researchers.

IAPR Conferences in Florida

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