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The IAPR Statement of Ethics that was prepared by the Advisory Committee has been approved unanimously in a recent Governing Board ballot (see sidebar). The Statement of Ethics marks an important step in the evolution of the IAPR since it defines the conduct that members of IAPR member societies should follow. The Statement of Ethics clearly defines the rules to which authors of papers published in the proceedings of IAPR sponsored/endorsed events should adhere. The Statement of Ethics is appended to this article.


It is our pleasure to inform the IAPR community that the Moroccan Pattern Recognition Section of Moroccan Association for Development of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Computer Science and Automation (AMADEIA - MPRS) has been reinstated as a member society after a short suspension of its membership.


The next ICPR will be held in Tampa, Florida, December 8-11, 2008.† This is IAPRís main conference and should, again, be an exciting event to attend.†† The new Executive Committee will be elected by the Governing Board at this time.† Please see the Call for Nominees below.

News from the


Executive Committee

By Denis Laurendeau

IAPR Statement of Ethics (for IAPR members in general)


We, the members of the IAPR and its member societies, commit ourselves to the highest ethical and professional conduct and declare that:


1. We faithfully perform our work by paying utmost attention to the safety, health, and welfare of the public throughout the world and never endanger the public or the environment in which we live;

2. We faithfully and honestly disclose the results of our work by fully acknowledging, respecting, and crediting the contributions of others;

3. We faithfully accept criticism of our work and correct errors whenever necessary to avoid misleading others in their future work and to avoid damaging others and their reputations.


IAPR Ethical Requirements for Authors (more specific version for authors)


The IAPR requires that all authors wishing to present a paper declare that the paper is substantially original; that is, the manuscript as a whole, or for the most part, is novel, has not been published in (or even submitted to) any journals and has not been presented at any other conferences. If previous versions of the manuscript were published or presented, appropriate references must be given and substantial justification for presentation of the current

version must be presented.

The IAPR strictly prohibits any plagiarism; that is, the work of others must not be "borrowed" and presented as the authors' own work, regardless of the size of the borrowed portion.


The IAPR frowns upon "no-show behavior" at IAPR-related conferences and workshops, meaning that an author registers to make a presentation but does not show up for it. If such behavior is unavoidable due to urgent and unexpected personal matters, the author is strongly urged to notify the event organizer of the situation as soon as possible. If prior notification is impossible, the organizer should be advised after the fact of the reason for the author's absence.

The IAPR retains the rights to eliminate any papers in violation of these Requirements and to take appropriate action against individuals repeatedly violating these Requirements and assumes no responsibility for any resulting loss of reputation or opportunity of such individuals or for any inconvenience related to the future work of such individuals.


IAPR Ethical Requirements for Authors (Shortened version for authors)


The IAPR requires that all authors wishing to present a paper declare that:


1. the paper is substantially original and has not been submitted to any other conferences or journals,†

2. the paper does not contain any plagiarism, and

3. the paper will be presented by the author or a coauthor in person.


The IAPR retains the right to eliminate any papers in violation of these requirements and to exclude the authors of such papers from future IAPR community activities.

Call for Nominations

for the

IAPR Executive Committee 2008-2010


The International Association for Pattern Recognition

(IAPR) is pleased to announce a call for nominations

for the following offices of the IAPR:† president, 1st and 2nd vice president, secretary, and treasurer.


Informal suggestions are welcome from all members of the IAPR governing board (GB) and other† members of the IAPR community.† The nomination must include

1. the name,

2. the office for which the person should be considered and

3. a brief case for support (person's qualification for the office).


These suggestions, which are not considered as formal nominations, should reach the Chairman of the Nomination Committees until April 30, 2008

at the following address:

†††††††††††† Subject: IAPR nomination

†††††††††††† Walter G. Kropatsch

†††††††††††† Vienna University of Technology

†††††††††††† Institute of Computer Aided Automation

†††††††††††† Pattern Recognition and Image Processing Group

†††††††††††† Favoritenstr. 9/2/4, 1832

†††††††††††† A-1040 WIEN / Austria

†††††††††††† email: (preferred)


Further detais about the nomination process can be found in the IAPR Constitution (,† the Bylaw section 5 ( and the Guidelines section 5.2 (



Walter G. Kropatsch

IAPR Chair of Nominating Committee