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The goal of the CORES series of conferences is the development of theories, algorithms, and applications of pattern recognition methods. These conferences always have served as very useful forum for the various groups working in different areas of pattern recognition to come together and help each other, keeping up with this active field of research. 


CORES 2007 was organized by Prof. Marek Kurzyński and his team from Chair of Systems and Computer Networks at Wroclaw University of Technology.  The conference was endorsed by International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR) and its Polish member society the Association for Image Processing, TPO.  The beautiful city of Wroclaw, the number of experts, the casual atmosphere, and the social events led to educational and energetic talks and discussions at CORES 2007.


As usual, this conference contained the excellent mix of theory, algorithms, and applications of pattern recognition methods. There were several plenary papers that neatly summarized the work that has been done so far and discussed the gaps that need to be filled.


Invited talks were presented on topics of increasing importance in our modern world:  At the beginning of the conference, its chair Professor Juliusz Lech Kulikowski in the presentation entitled  “Structural image analysis based on ontological models” referred his work in which the structural approach to the pattern recognition is used.  The next plenary paper was presented by Professor Zdzisław Hippe who talked about some aspects of medical diagnosis, i.e. about “Synthesis of static medical images- an example of melanocytic skin lesions”.  The next talk was given by Professor Ewa Piętka who presented very interesting aspects of “Computer aided image diagnosis”.  The last presenter Professor Andrzej Kasiński showed “The architecture of the face and eyes detection system based on cascade classifiers” which is very important in many human-machine interface tasks.


The talks and discussions of CORES 2007 gave the attendees an excellent overview of the work done in the field of pattern recognition methods as well as indicated new problems to focus on. Some of young presenters were awarded for their presentations:  The first best presentation award went to J. Arturo Olvera-López for his work Object selection based on clustering and border objects.  The second best presentation award went to Roland Kwitt for his work Multi-directional multi-resolution transforms for zoom-endoscopy image classification.  The third best presentation award went to Joanna Marnik for her work The Polish finger alphabet hand postures recognition using elastic graph matching  Additionally, four distinctions were announced.  You can find a complete list of awarded presenters at the CORES 2007 webpage.

Conference ReportCORES 2007


Proceedings of CORES 2007

 were published by

Springer Verlag in series Advances in Soft Computing, Volume 45



Report prepared by

Michał Woźniak

Text Box: 5th International Conference on Computer Recognition Systems 

22-25 October 2007
Wroclaw, Poland


Juliusz Lech Kulikowski

Local Chairman:

Marek Kurzyński

Professor Zdzislaw Hippe discussed some aspects of medical diagnosis in an invited talk entitled “Synthesis of static medical images—an example of melanocytic skin lesions”.