The series of Conferences on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns were started by Reinhard Klette and Gerald Sommer in 1987 as a bi-annual scientific meeting. Actually, both gentlemen participated in CAIP 2007.

CAIP has been always successful in bringing together researchers and students. CAIP has covered a broad scope of topics similar to the International Conference of Pattern Recognition (ICPR). CAIP has been an event adjoined to the International Association for Pattern Recognition for many years. CAIP also has helped to include Eastern European researchers into the world community after the iron curtain fell18 years ago.  Since that time, Eastern Europe has opened to the world, and this role of CAIP’s has been of lesser importance.

CAIP has always been a single track conference. In addition to oral presentations, CAIP 2007 had four poster sessions which obtained enough room in the program and enabled many face-to-face discussions.

CAIP received 251 full paper contributions out of which 120 papers were accepted. Each submission was reviewed by three reviewers. There were 40 oral presentations and 80 posters in four poster sessions. Each poster session was preceded by a plenary poster presentation. Authors of each poster had a one minute space to present typically two slides, which was efficient and sometimes witty.

CAIP 2007 hosted three top invited speakers:  Zygmunt Pizlo, Purdue University, “Human Perception of 3D Shapes”; Arnold Smeulders, University of Amsterdam, “The notion of an object in computer vision”; and Steven Zucker, Yale University, “Connection Geometry, Color, and Stereo”.

CAIP 2007 attracted 147 participants from 33 nations. The only continent not represented was Antarctica.

Two additional events were organized in conjunction with CAIP 2007:  International Summer School Computer Vision for Cultural Heritage 2007 (see related article in this issue) and MUSCLE NoE Coins Competition Workshop.

The CAIP 2009 will be held in Münster, Germany in summer, 2009. CAIP 2009 will be hosted by Xiaoyi Jiang, University of Münster, Institute for Computer Science.

Conference ReportCAIP 2007

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Proceedings of CAIP 2007

are available in the

Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series, Volume 4673




Report prepared by

Vaclav Hlavac

Text Box: 12th International Conference on 
Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns

27-29 August 2007
Vienna, Austria